Way to Make Money Without Google AdSense

This content is for those who have been expelled from google adsense. This is a summary list of advertisers on the network and the network of sales, can be used for your website or blog to make money online without Google AdSense. Advertisers are in English, adding advertising, pleased confirming whether it supports every regional support, do not support it would not have joined. In this article I strongly wrote about how to make money without Google AdSense through AdSense alternatives.

how to make money without google adsense

  • Chitika: Mall Banner (CPC).
  • AdBrite: advertisers and publishers market. . (CPC); 75% payment.
  • com: large networks (CPA).
  • Burst Media: large networks (CPM).
  • Commission Junction: large networks (CPA).
  • Kanoodle: large network (CPC); 50% payment.
  • LinkShare: large networks (CPA).
  • ValueClick: large networks (CPM).
  • Yahoo Publisher Network: closed beta (CPC)
  • Accelerator Media:
  • AdAgency 1: (CPM); 60% payment.
  • AdDynamix: (CPM)
  • AdEngage:
  • Adhearus:
  • AdKnowledge: (CPC)
  • Adserving Network: (CPM)
  • Adsmart: (CPM)
  • Adtegrity: (CPM)
  • AdZuba: (CPM)
  • AffiliateFuture: (CPA)
  • AffiliateSensor:
  • AVNads:
  • Banner Boxes: (CPC)
  • BannerConnect: (CPM)
  • BardzoMedia: (CPM)
  • BidVertiser: (CPC)
  • BlinkAds: (CPA)
  • BlueFN: (CPA)
  • Casale Media: (CPM); 70% payment.
  • ClickAdsDirect:
  • Clickbooth: (CPA)
  • ClickShare:
  • Clicksor: (CPC); Up to 85% payment.
  • ClickXchange: (CPA)
  • CPX Interactive / Budsinc: (CPM)
  • DirectNetworks: (CPA)
  • Enhance Interactive:
  • Esource Media: (CPM)
  • Etype-Europe: (CPM)
  • EtypeUSA:
  • Fastclick = ValueClick: (CPM); Up to 65% payment.
  • FluxAds: (CPA)
  • HurricaneDigitalMedia: (CPM); 60/75% payment.
  • Hyperbidder: (CPC)
  • IncentaClick: (CPA)
  • Industry Brains:
  • Kontera: (CPC)
  • MaxBounty: (CPA)
  • Mirago:
  • MIVA AdRevenue Xpress:
  • Nixxie:
  • Oridian: (CPA)
  • Paypopup: (CPM)
  • PeakClick:
  • RealCastMedia: (CPM)
  • RealTech Network: (CPM)
  • Revenue Pilot: (CPC); 60% payment.
  • RightMedia: (CPM)
  • ShareAShare: (CPA)
  • TextLinkAds: (CPC)
  • Tribal Fusion: (CPM)
  • Vibrant Media IntelliTXT: (CPM)


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About online advertising pricing model of a set of commonly used terms:


CPA (Cost-per-Action): cost per action pricing model that is based on each visitor action charges taken for online advertising. For user actions have special definitions, including the formation of a transaction, to obtain a registered user, or a click on online advertising and so on.


CPC (Cost-per-click): cost per click. According to the number of times ads are clicked charges. Such as keyword advertising generally use this pricing model.


CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions): cost per thousand impressions. Banner ads (impressions) costs 1000 times per display. CPM is one of the most popular online advertising pricing models.


CPO (Cost-per-Order): also known as Cost-per-Transaction, that is based on each order / each way to charge the transaction.


PPC (Pay-per-Click): click on the ads or e-mail based on the amount of information a user to pay for online advertising pricing model.


PPL (Pay-per-Lead): According to guide each generated through online advertising pricing model pay. For an example, an advertiser for the visitor clicks on the ad completed the online form and pay the advertising service providers. This mode is used commission model for network membership marketing model developed for the Alliance website.


PPS (Pay-per-Sale): A pricing model based on the number of direct sales generated by online advertising and pay.

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