Wake Up Blogger Do Not Let Short-term Interests of the Blind Eyes

Times are changing, people are changing. In fact, the correct logical relationship should be, because people tend to change, and makes people follow the times change. Not? According to Shanghai seo knowledge, previous blog mostly used to express personal feelings, a platform to vent their emotions. Now, hold utilitarian purposes bloggers probably have occupied most of the blog market. Use blog to make money, have been beyond reproach, but it is inevitable that some blogger instant success, not reasonably cards. Common not common cards are:


Stealth blog links


Stealth is relative to the user. Blogger will use some bait: Provides free blog style, background, etc. to capture fish, this fish is the user. Users just know that this service is free of charge, without knowing the trap behind: hidden in one of the links. Link an increase search engine rankings have the opportunity to be promoted. The premise is not to be caught out of search engines.


The large number of applications blog account


In order to do these cheat purely keyword rankings? Tencent QQ group, but the use of blog and blog group cheating. Such blogger is not intended to carefully maintain a blog, after applying a lot of blog accounts, publish some articles with the keyword, article links can bring search engine rankings.


Keyword stuffing


Some owners do not rule out the use of this method deliberately stupid blog optimization. Bowen throughout the keyword frequency appear quite high, people at first glance thought it was for this keyword advertising. Of course, there are also cautiously blogger, he will be in the picture, URL, the link is hidden a small part of the keywords. These keywords do not need to appear in these places. But in order to rank, to do the dirty gray hat, blog traffic will improve a little faster.


Link farms


Just look “link Factory” this word, you know the link only for rankings done work. No substantive links page-oriented content. The search engine is purely playing behavior.


Some blogger is not afraid of snake bites. These people will be thinking, wait until the occurrence of the search engines find themselves cheating themselves early in the house counting money. In the author’s view, addicted to these small ninety-nine, which allows bloggers blinded eyes, temporarily profit does not mean always successful.

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