Viber for Windows Phones – Free calls, text message and photo sharing

Viber application is a must have for every windows phone users. This application allows people to make phone calls to each other without incurring any costs. It relies on 3G connection or the famous Wi-Fi. While there are hundreds of applications and different ways of making local or international calls, making international calls in almost all the countries is still costly. With viber, you can talk to anyone who has viber installed on their windows phone.


Viber application uses voice over internet protocol (VOIP), a technology that has been for many years. Many people around the globe have benefited from windows phones and this free app that has greatly helped to provide cheap and a quality way of speaking.

Viber for Windows Phones – Free calls, text message and photo sharing


How to download viber for windows phones


Before downloading viber in your windows phone, you will need:


  1. Reliable internet connection (3G or wireless network)
  2. Windows smart phone.


The download process starts by turning your phone on. Ensure that you have 3G connection. If you don’t have, connect to the internet wirelessly. Locate a trusted online app store and search for viber. Tap the install link and follow the instructions. Once downloaded, tap the viber app to start it. Enter your phone number(s). Click on the close tab below the four digit code that will be sent by viber. Once you’re done with this, then you are ready to make your first viber call!


The next question you might be having is how to add international contacts to viber. Never worry since adding international contacts to viber requires no extra effort or know how. As long as your international contact has viber installed on their phone, you can use the viber app to make calls or text your contact for free. Viber is a cross-platform app. This means that you or your contacts do not need to have similar devices for you to communicate. You can directly add your contact or send an invitation to prompt them to use the service.


If your international or local contact has viber installed on their phone:


  1. Tap on the viber app to start it.
  2. Select the ‘contact’ menu
  3. Select the addition symbol (+) at the extreme bottom of the screen to add your new contacts.
  4. Enter your contact’s name in the ‘name field’ and the phone number in the ‘phone field’. You need to enter the country code as well as the mobile cell prefix. For instance, should you add a Kenyan international contact; a number would be +254712123456789. +254 is the country code, 712 is one of the mobile network provider.
  5. Enter other information such as events, email, postal address, website, nickname, organization’s name, notes and IM. This added information is not mandatory for you to add any contact, rather it is just for your own record keeping purpose.
  6. Click on save for your new contact to added to your list of contacts.


If your contact doesn’t have viber installed, then we need to send him/her an invitation.


  1. Select more options at the extreme bottom of the phone screen
  2. Select the text message tab from share your viber experience part
  3. Enter your contacts phone number in the ‘To’ section. Include the country code, cell phone prefix plus the mobile number.
  4. Click on send. Your contact will receive an SMS with download link.


In my opinion, viber app is worth a download given that the app is free to use and to download Viber for Windows Phones.

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