Total Commander 8.51a download free (32 and 64 bit)

In this post I shared you to Total Commander 8.51a download free that you can get it easily zipped file from mediafire. Total Commander 8.51a is a helpful file manager replacement that provides multiple language support, search, directory synchronization, file comparison, quick view panel with bitmap display, LZH, GZ, RAR, ZIP, CAB,ARJ, UC2, TAR, ACE archive handling plus plugins, built-in FTP client with FXP, HTTP proxy support.

Total Commander 8

Total Commander 8.51a download – 32 and 64 bit supported


For 32 bit supported – Download Link


For 64 bit supported – Download Link


Key Features of Total Commander:


  1. Two file windows alongside
  2. Multiple language and Unicode support
  3. Enhanced search function
  4. Compare files /synchronize sites
  5. Quick View panel with bitmap display
  6. Built-in FTP client with FXP (server to server) and HTTP proxy support
  7. Parallel port link, multi-relabel tool
  8. Tabbed interface, regular expressions, history faves buttons
  9. Pictures view, custom posts, enhanced search
  10. USB port connection via special direct transfer cable, partial branch view and lots of improvements to ftp, syncing along with other functions and much more!


New Features of Total Commander


This version mainly corrects a mistake with uploads to FTP servers using “MODE Z” density, along with the right click context menu.


Total Commander Operations:


  1. File symbols are actually completely loaded without anyone’s knowledge, so that they should no more decelerate the interface
  2. More speed enhancements when reading through sites
  3. FTP reliable file (Change F6): Show overwrite confirmation dialog if target is available
  4. FTP: Faster upload in fast systems using a dynamic upload block size
  5. F5 copy: First copy all files in which the user does not have to be requested and skip with errors, request in the finish
  6. F5 copy: Choice to verify files after copying them.
  7. F5 copy: Choice to keep pathways in accordance with current folder during branch view
  8. Choose and duplicate related files, e.g. .digital > crw.cr2 chooses/copies raw files only when there’s an associated .digital file
  9. F8 Remove: Only warn in the finish if folders could not be erased
  10. F8 Remove: Always employ new remove method when Vista Delete is not occur wincmd.ini, but show our very own remove confirmation dialog when the system dialog is disabled
  11. Support unpacking more archive formats: 7zip, new RAR5 format, in addition to -lh6- and -lh7- (LHA)
  12. RAR with encoded file names: Show archive content after entering password
  13. Pack/unpack files: Choice to remember last joined password until TC is reduced, Home windows would go to standby, or even the screen saving idea begins
  14. Alt F5 pack: New choice to omit what they are called from the selected folders when packing each folder to some separate archive
  15. New wincmd.ini options CopyLinks and Ignore Links to deal with file system links
  16. FTP/file system plugins: When editing personal files with F4, the file will instantly be re-submitted when held in the editor. You don’t need to close the editor anymore. Change via Edit/View options.


Total Commander User interface:


  1. Support for touch-screen products: Tap on symbols to choose files, lengthy tap to spread out context menu
  2. Support for top resolution screens
  3. Drive drop-lower list: Show links to “My Computer” and “My Documents” Configurable via. Show Extra Drives in wincmd.ini
  4. Drive drop-lower list: Open context menu directly within the list without selecting a drive first
  5.   Show exclamation mark left of some options like a warning, e.g. that files might not go in which the user needs these to go, like throughout copying from branch view
  6. Show quality and last modified time and in virtual folders like connected MTP products like Android phones/pills
  7. Button bar: Support multiple internal and/or user-defined instructions on one button e.g. centimeters Select All, centimeters Copy
  8. Progress dialog: Show quantity of files/bytes in additional functions. Change to files/bytes remaining by hitting the amounts
  9. Show pictures in virtual folders like libraries
  10. Choice to remember position of background transfer manager in system menu
  11. Enhanced background copy dialog: Show quantity of replicated and selected files and bytes, add button “Foreground”


Total Commander Search function:


  1. Look for text supports any mixture of ANSI, ASCII, UTF-16, UTF-8 Unicode and office XML/EPUB simultaneously
  2. Skip a folder by hitting its title within the status line. Also enables to simply pause looking
  3. Open in separate process via Alt Change F7, so TC can nonetheless be used throughout looking
  4. Look for duplicate files: Search by WordPress plugin fields, e.g. title parts, file extension etc.
  5. Look for duplicate files, Feed to listbox: New dialog box to choose files within the categories of replicates, e.g. by latest, earliest etc.


More Information:


Since 32-bit plugins cannot be utilized by 64-bit programs, they should be converted first. Therefore there won’t be many plugins available initially for 64-bit. If you are using plugins extensively, you need to carry on using the 32-bit version. You are able to install in parallel towards the same directory – there’s now another installer that will install both together.

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