Most Addictive Android Games for GameLover : Top 70

All of most addictive Android games passed my previous pretty King of fighter, Knight Fighter, Mustafa games. When I was secondary school student I played King of fighter, Knight Fighter, Mustafa games on our local market. I missed much more class and pretty football match for playing those games. I was really fad (gameplay boy) with those games.


In the current position it was my school memory, but I cannot forget those games. Now I play the most addictive games in my Android mobile. Day by day technology updated and updated games attraction, graphics quality, fighting, camera movement etc. Addictive games are really excellent and pretty games for android mobile, all games graphics quality is unbelievable for a mobile phone better than desktop.


The very best factor about Android is the fact that you will find 1000’s of games through which you’ll kill your time. You will find classic games Hearts, Chess, and so the strange and awesome things come. A few of these games may seem….strange. But are lots of funs! Here, I’ll share several of the finest android games I’ve performed, and destroyed my time with. A few of these games may need an in-game purchase, but they’re worthwhile. I am certain that you will not regret that investing!

Most Addictive Android Games

Here we are providing you a list of top 70 most addictive Android games for you would find from Google Play apps:

Plague Inc.


Farmville defines the term strange. Ever wished to literally kill everyone in the world? Well, because of us, you’ve now learned about Plague Corporation. Within this game, all you need to do is produce a disease harmful enough to eliminate the whole population of the world. You’ll receive points along the right path, through which you’ll easily change your disease to become much more harmful.


Google Play Link: Plague Inc.




Apparatus is a game title which i personally like greatly. It’s fun, easy and addictive. The only real objective would be to build machines to overcome the right path onto different obstacles. It, like all other game, begins simple and easy, then will get difficult while you waddle on! You may also have fun with your buddies and share your masterpieces!


Google Play Link: Apparatus


Virtua Tennis Challenge


And the other sports game! Virtua Tennis Challenge is really a SEGA classic. You are able to play exhibition matches together with your favorite gamers, and test out your tennis abilities! You may also produce a character and then suggest your tennis dream become a reality. Well, atleast in your phone. Virtua Tennis Challenge can be purchased on the internet Play for any mere $5!


Google Play Link: Virtua Tennis Challenge


Asphalt 8: Airborne


Who doesn’t just like a good racing game? You are able to literally waste 1000’s of hrs of your energy on the good racing game, and that’s just what Asphalt 8: Airborne is about! You are able to drive the ideal vehicle within this ultra high graphics game! You may also have a good career mode filled with challenges!


Google Play Link: Asphalt 8: Airborne




If you want simple yet challenging games, then Playdots Corporation. Developed the best game for you personally. Dots is a straightforward game by which all you need to do is just connect dots of the identical color in one line. You’ll have a small group of turns, hence the overall game getting good challenging while you move ahead! The overall game is very free, but has in-game purchases.


Google Play Link: Dots


Dead Trigger 2


Who wouldn’t prefer to shoot zombies in the actual mind? Everyone loves killing zombies, and today it can be done in your Android mobile phone! Dead Trigger 2 produced by Madfinger Games is among the best Zombie killing game there’s. With stunning graphics, and awesome game play, Dead Trigger 2 certainly won’t make you unentertained.


Google Play Link: Dead Trigger 2


Galaxy on Fire 2 HD


Space warfare is one thing everybody likes. And Universe burning 2 HD is the meaning of a great space combat game. Featuring amazingly HD graphics, easy and simple controls and lots of virtual world that you should inflate! The best of this is that Universe burning 2 HD is completely free!


Google Play Link: Galaxy on Fire 2 HD


Temple Run


Temple Run burst to the Android scene after being greatly popular on iOS. Run, jump, slide and switch the right path along an old wall while you avoid rabid demon-apes. The overall game requires fast responses and nerves of steel to complete well.


Google Play Link: Temple Run


Temple Run 2


Who hasn’t heard about Temple Run. It is among the top selling android games on the planet. And Temple Run 2 is its successor. Despite the fact that I felt that it hadn’t been just like its predecessor, but nonetheless, it presents you best graphics, new twists and turns which is totally free!


Google Play Link: Temple Run 2


Symphony of Eternity


Would you such as the old Manufacturers-like Japanese RPGs? Should you choose, this is the overall game for you personally! Even though the graphics could be known as ‘bad’, however the game play is excellent, having a compelling story and random encounters with random people. Symphony of Eternity can cost you $2.99 though.


Google Play Link: Symphony of Eternity


Ski Safari


Ski Safari is among the most addictive games available. You seize control from the character Sven, as well as your objective is simply by to prevent the avalanche. You will find multiple creatures that can be used for the aid, as Yetis or Penguins, all getting different functions and advantages. Ski Safari obtainable from Play for any mere Dollar!


Google Play Link: Sky Safari


Powerboat racing 3D


Ever wished to race on the Powerboat? Well, because of Doodle Mobile Ltd, you can now. Powerboat racing 3D offers great dynamics, average graphics and simple yet competitive game play. The overall game can be created better with the addition of a little better graphics though. You are able to download it free of charge on Play; however it has in-game purchases.


Google Play Link: Powerboat racing 3D


2048 Puzzle


Are you currently a math nerd? Towards the .1% from the visitors who’re, you’re gonna love farmville. 2048 is a straightforward math puzzle game, by which all you need to do is choose to tiles, as well as their sum is going to be displayed. And also the objective would be to achieve the score of 2048. Only that or fewer. Exactly 2048. Can you accomplish that?


Google Play Link: 2048 Puzzle


The Area Two


The predecessor of the game was the very best puzzle game I’ve ever performed. And that one is better still. A five star rating on the internet Play should tell you plenty about the standard of the overall game. Mind walking puzzles and ultra-realistic graphics get this to game worth purchasing.


Google Play Link: The Room Two


Drop7 by Zynga


Zynga games are exciting, aren’t they? And Drop7 is yet another fun game produced by Zynga. The designers describe farmville like a mix between Tetris and Fundamental Soduko. Which is probably the most exact explanation? WARNING: Very Addictive!


Google Play Link: Drop7 by Zynga




Grow is the overall game of character. You need to consume the things more compact than you and also steer clear of the bigger things. It’s that easy. However that simplicity disappears when you complete levels. A very addictive game, Grow can be purchased on Play for $1. Which is worth that.


Google Play Link: Grow




Solipskier is among the more creative android games. You are able to create your own slopes to ensure that you may either gain pretty much speed or just to leap. You are able to fresh paint your personal coves, jump and do different methods and more! Though the overall game makes it worth while, but Solipskier comes in a cost of $3.14.


Google Play Link: Solipskier


Fruit Ninja


Fruit ninja is easily the most common game about this blog. It’s both a totally free version along with a compensated version. The straightforward objective within this game would be to slash the fruits, which are thrown in to the air, utilizing a sword. You are able to compare your score together with your buddies, and spent hrs and hrs onto it. Really fun and addictive game, it’s highly suggested.


Google Play Link: Fruit Ninja


Where’s My Water?


Disney’s Where’s My Water is very common as well. Assist the character Swampy get his water, people! Using difficult levels which test out your physics understanding, farmville is really a masterpiece. It’s on Google Play for any mere $2.14 that is nothing in comparison to the standard they’re offering.


Google Play Link: Where’s My Water?


Angry Birds Space


A brand new form of Angry birds by which their eggs get kidnapped with a giant claw, searching for their eggs these Angry wild birds finish up in a lost world filled with space pigs. To those pigs they fight using super forces that are furnished inside them already.


Google Play Link: Angry birds Space


Burn the rope


Probably the most sensual Android games you’d want. An adventurous game causing you to feel around the toes always. Burn the rope until you are permitted to do this regarding obvious your level and you’ve got to help keep good proper care of the burning flame because the flame burns only upside.


Google Play Link: Burn the rope


Racing moto


An Android game for racing freaks is exactly what Racing moto could be best referred to as. A quick moving speed game which enables you to definitely seem like you is living around the edge. Concurrently the overall game gives you to savor the vista of ocean, beaches, deserts, etc.


Google Play Link: Racing moto


Tiny Tower


Tiny Tower is really a cute, retro magnate game in which you develop a tower and populate it with awesome figures. It’s a wonderfully casual game where one can dip out and in once the time fits you.


Google Play Link: Tiny Tower


Game Dev Story


Game Dev Story is yet another top retro title which has the smallest of gaming grips. Here you need to run your personal game development company by creating a number of awesome games and controlling a awesome group of designers and creative’s.


Google Play Link: Game Dev Story


WarGames: WOPR


WarGames: WOPR is really a puzzle game in line with the eighties movie of the identical title. Basically you need to link similar symbols together to construct high scores and defeat your competitor (comprised of figures in the film).


Google Play Link: WarGames: WOPR


New Star Soccer


In New Star Soccer you need to live the existence of the up-and-coming football player. With both on-area and off-area elements to game play, it’s an incredible time-waster for just about any fan of the overall game.


A football journalist I follow tweeted about New Star Soccer, together with an apology for that ensuing lack of productivity the overall game would cause him. After 3 days, I needed to wean myself off it and deploy amounts of self-discipline I had been not aware I’d. Outstanding game, however it seriously dents your real existence.


Google Play Link: New Star Soccer


Dead Trigger


Dead Trigger is definitely an immersive and haunting first-person zombie shoot’em-up that sees you finishing missions and eliminating the undead within the most detailed and wealthiest of mobile conditions.


The game play, pictures and seem mix to stunning effect to provide a game title that demands your attention and doesn’t like letting go. Listen to it on the tablet at nighttime and you’ll think it is more chilling than some horror films.


Google Play Link: Dead Trigger




Adhering using the zombie theme, in Rebuild you need to smartly improve a little community of children. You have to expand your compound and safeguard your assets in the burgeoning undead who attack frequently. The overall game is rife with terrible moral choices and devastating occasions that constantly rock how well your progressing.


Google Play Link: Rebuild


Angry birds Space Premium


An Angry birds game needed to result in the list, didn’t it? The idea is superbly simple fire various wild birds at structures to be able to destroy the evil thieving pigs. You will find 100s of levels and many bird types to deploy because the story unravels.


Google Play Link: Angry birds Space Premium


100 Doorways


100 Doorways is really a challenging puzzle game where you need to open a door on every level. Using logic, persistence along with a dash of strategy, players must exercise just how to spread out each door to advance.


The overall game has collected a military of fans online where solutions are shared like goods. It’s frequently quite simple to experience however, tests and challenges your lateral thinking. As a result it’s difficult to put lower and highly addictive for puzzle fans.


Google Play Link: 100 Doorways


A Story of a Band


A Story of a Band is definitely an awesome retro-style title in which you manage and develop a growing rock-band and guide these to super fame. Not really a million miles from the type of game play you discover in Game Dev Story and it is ilk, A Tale of the Band sees you guide your group through past contemporary music.


Google Play Link: A Story of a Band


Word Weasel


If you want word games, certainly make sure to take a look at Word Weasel. The bottom line is it’s like playing Boggle at gun point. You play against other online players to obtain the greatest score in 2 minutes. Additionally, it made its distance to our gather from the essential word games.


Google Play Link: Word Weasel


My Singing Monsters


Certainly one of my newer obsessions, My Singing Monsters is a game title in which you grow a breath-taking choir of cool animals. Breed, grow eggs and put new monsters on a number of harmonious islands.


Google Play Link: My Singing Monsters


Monsters Ate My Condo


Monsters Ate My Condo originates from the crazy imagination from the folks at Adult Go swimming. Simply mix and/or swipe away apartment levels in to the hungry mouths of deranged monsters.


Quite unlike anything you’ll have seen before, it’s very easy to experience but challenging put lower. The monsters are really silly but game play is insanely addictive.


Google Play Link: Monsters Ate My Condo


Night of the Living Dead


You will find most likely 100s of tower defense games within the Google Play Store but that one sticks out for me personally. Tied carefully towards the original film of the identical title, Evening from the Living Dead features effects and seem bites in the movie which will make it incredibly immersive and compelling.


What really stored me returning to the overall game again and again however the gripping atmosphere which just spreads throughout through every level was? It’s eerie, engaging and eventually probably the most compulsively playable tower defense games currently available.


Google Play Link: Night of the Living Dead




Trainyard is yet another jewel for puzzle fans. Simply produce the right tracks for that trains to pass through along, making certain they achieve their stations with no problem. An enthusiastic feeling of timing is completely crucial in this beautifully animated and perfectly designed game.


Google Play Link: Trainyard




Spirits is much like an ethereal form of Lemmings. Wealthy with sounds and interesting game play, the welfare from the spirits in the overall game becomes your primary concern while you guide them perfectly into a goal.


Lemmings were probably the most addictive and popular Computer games in the day, and Spirits is equally as engrossing. Another game that is included with an incredible and immersive atmosphere, it’s a title you do not just play but additionally experience.


Google Play Link: Spirits


Football Manager Handheld 2014


Football Manager (and it is predecessor Championship Manager) was on record as the reason for several divorces within the United Kingdom. The bottom line is, gamers spent additional time controlling their virtual teams compared to what they did using their spouse, such may be the strong draw.


The series’ 2012 Handheld edition is brilliant fun to experience and could be obsessively addictive. It ought to possibly include the next warning – “May detrimentally affect personal and professional associations after prolonged usage”.


Google Play Link: Football Manager Handheld 2014


Flick Kick Football


Flick Kick Football is an additional football game (sorry about this) only one which i found myself equally smitten with. All you need to do is flick the ball internet-wards and score goal after goal. The overall game includes several modes and awesome retro-soccer pictures.

Possibly this managed to get in to the list due to my very own passion for “the beautiful game”, but there isn’t any denying the recognition of ‘flick’ style games within the Google Play Store. This, for me personally anyway, is good this category.


Google Play Link: Flick Kick Football


Riptide GP


Riptide GP is really a stunning advanced jet ski racing game that needs a warm Tegra device to operate it. The pictures are using this world, from how a splashes drip in your screen towards the realistic wave and water dynamics.


Races are fast and brilliant fun. It’s the type of game which really showcases the graphic ability of the high-finish Android device. Subsequently I discovered myself playing it again and again, somewhat mesmerized through the gorgeous graphics and immersive conditions. Truly breath-taking, it soaks up you against the off and it is difficult to put lower.


Google Play Link: Riptide GP


Dude Perfect


Dude Perfect are several men who accomplish truly audacious basketball trick shots and make incredible YouTube videos of the exploits. The overall game plays similar to Angry Wild birds, but there make use of various obstacles to land the right shot.

You will find lots of challenging levels to advance through plus some are actually tough and take lots of practice. The rewards connected with landing an ideal shot is big and keeps you returning for additional.


Google Play Link: Dude Perfect




R-Type is yet another brilliant game from yesteryear. Fight through level after degree of retro space shooting action in the overall game that assisted defines the entire genre.


I can’t put my finger on why it’s so addictive it may be the nostalgic reminiscences it raises or stunning finish of level bosses which are massively rewarding to conquer. Regardless, the moment I performed it again I felt like I had been back there before a Sega Master System having a sweaty game controller along with a world to overcome.


Google Play Link: R-Type


Pocket Frogs


Pocket Frogs is really a relaxed ‘breed’em-up’ for insufficient a much better descriptive. Breed frogs to produce new frogs to race then sell. It’s like Pokemon, just with amphibians.


Collecting different frogs is a factor but creating conditions to allow them to reside in, purchasing in rare types, breeding to best effect and racing your frogs is magnificent fun and incredibly addictive.


Google Play Link: Pocket Frogs




If zipping around inside a clunking flying saucer obtaining rednecks and collecting cattle is the concept of fun, then certainly take a look at Grabatron.


Google Play Link: Grabatron


Age of Zombies


Age of Zombies sees Craig Steakfries, recently of Jetpack Joyride fame, jumping over time because he takes lower a spook apocalypse in a variety of historic configurations. Incredibly silly, it’s unadulterated pleasure to create squishy mincemeat of 100s of hungry little zombies.

Every considered you’d end up taking lower a spook T-Rex having a really large gun? You are able to here. It’s very addictive and despite as being a little around the short side, it’s a game title you’ll find it difficult to leave alone for very lengthy.


Google Play Link: Age of Zombies


Flow Free


Flow Free is an extremely simple puzzle game where you need to fill a power grid with coloured lines. Grids begin small but get more difficult because they grow in dimensions. You will find 100s of levels in the overall game and it is the right occupation to wind lower with.

Google Play Link: Flow Free




Title your virus, provide some features and adjust the way it will spread. Then relax watching it wreak havoc around the world. It’s the best apocalypse game that you simply control.


Playing a warped evil genius is unquestionably fun. Plus, challenging you to ultimately eliminate more humans the next time around increases the games’ higher level of addictiveness.


Google Play Link: Epidemic


Reckless Getaway


Reckless Getaway is really a breathtaking racing game in which you make an effort to out-race law enforcement in busy traffic at break-neck speed. The graphics are stunning and also the seem is great, which makes it a cultured and rewarding game to find yourself in trouble into.


Google Play Link: Reckless Getaway




HexDefense is really a dark and brooding tower defense game that employs retro neon graphics and immersive seem. Set against an inky black background, destroyed baddies explode inside a shower of fireworks.


Google Play Link: HexDefense


Muffin night


Muffin Dark night is definitely an adorably playable platform game filled with cute figures and fun game play. Collect muffins and steer clear of level after degree of baddies.


Google Play Link: Muffin night


Osmos HD


Osmos HD is an extremely absorbing game, literally! You control a mote because it moves around a world of other motes. Absorb more compact ones to develop and steer clear of bigger motes to outlive.


Champion of multiple game honours and wonderfully challenging and addictive, Osmos HD is yet another game you ‘experience’ as opposed to just play. Worth every last cent from the cost, you can test before you purchase with this particular demo.


Google Play Link: Osmos HD


They Need To Be Fed


They Need To Be Fed is yet another excellent indie game that’s both engrossing and fun. Guide your little character for the hungry mouth of the finish of level monster. Avoid obstacles and traps within this easy and yet very original game.


Google Play Link: They Need To Be Fed




Birzzle is yet another bird-based puzzle game that simply sucks you in. Not excessively dissimilar to the greater-known ‘Chuzzle’, you need to group together and swap coloured wild birds to ensure they are pop.


The graphics are scrumptious and, if you’ve performed and loved games like Bejeweled, you’ll find this plenty of fun and incredibly addictive.


Google Play Link: Birzzle




Star Dunk is really a beautiful multiplayer the game of basketball located in space. In the event that wasn’t compelling enough, you are able to upgrade skills, ball types and characteristics and play against 1000’s of gamers all over the world.


Google Play Link: Stardunk




Diversion is really a three dimensional running game in which you traverse platforms and jump from section to section. You will find 100s of figures to exercise and lots of levels to accomplish.


Timing is absolutely crucial here and when you miss an increase it may frequently mean you need to begin anew. Often it appears incredibly illegal whenever you miss an increase which means you feel constantly inclined to test again, therefore, the stupidly high addictiveness level.


Google Play Link: Diversion


Fieldrunners HD


Fieldrunners HD is really a gorgeous tower defense title that, because of its fun graphics and brilliant music and seem, is great to experience and incredibly engrossing from the initial level. The animation involved with Fieldrunners HD is excellent and makes the overall game enjoyable regardless of whether you play for any couple of minutes or perhaps a couple of hrs.


Google Play Link: Fieldrunners HD


Air Control


Air Control sees you guiding planes, jets and helis into land in a busy airport terminal. Simply draw a line in the plane towards the landing strip and it’ll stick to the line. If two lines converge it can result in an accident so make certain you understand it properly?


Google Play Link: Air Control




Gyro is definitely an incredibly simplistic game that needs you to definitely match colours with incoming balls by rotating the center circle. Game play is intuitive and simple.


Google Play Link: GYRO


Cut the Rope HD


Cut the Rope is really a much-loved physics game in which you feed just a little monster known as Om Nom chocolate. You will find various objects and obstacles that may hinder you, but additionally numerous products which will help, for example bubbles and string.


Google Play Link: Cut the Rope HD


Draw Something


Draw Something arrived on the scene of nowhere and grew to become a nearly overnight sensation. A multi-player drawing game that relies from case to case you’re having fun with to guess your pictures and the other way around.


People can and do lose many, many hrs over farmville. Most likely best performed on the tablet having a stylus, it’s plenty of fun and never unlike the game Pictionary. Once you begin playing Draw Something, it requires an iron will to prevent. Be cautioned!


Google Play Link: Draw Something


Drag Racing


That’s how lengthy I performed the overall game initially when i first released it also it totally screwed up my day. Just cars along a drag strip by striking the gears at the perfect time, it couldn’t be simpler. Good timing is important.


Google Play Link: Drag Racing


Hyper Jump


Mind skywards within this beautifully visual jumping game that sees you guiding animals up to possible. Rammed filled with bonuses and boosts you will find plenty of products to uncover to be able to improve your score.


Google Play Link: Hyper Jump


Robot Unicorn Attack


Another Adult Go swimming title, here you control a robot unicorn because it slides from platform to platform towards the sound of eighties synth band Erasure. Jump and hurry so far as you are able to, accumulating as high a score out of the box possible.


Google Play Link: Robot Unicorn Attack


Rayman Jungle Run


Rayman managed to get to the Android platform only a couple of days ago now and that i was immediately amazed through the exciting game play. You will find plenty of challenging levels and also the graphics are ideal for the platforming genre.


Google Play Link: Rayman Jungle Run


Flick Golf!


Flick Golf is straightforward golf performance in which you flick shots for the hole. Addictive and fun, it drainage in quality and it is difficult to put lower.


Google Play Link: Flick Golf!


Stupid Zombies


Stupid Zombies has developed in the Google Play Store for any very very long time, however the compulsion to shoot numerous zombies having a single bullet continues to be quite strong for many people.


Google Play Link: Stupid Zombies


Plants vs. Zombies


Once we move for the finish of the extensive list, exactly how should we not range from the mighty Plants Versus Zombies? It’s a light defense game where plucky garden plants protect against the zombies hordes.


The overall game can also be shatteringly addictive and completely consuming. It’s a game title that basically produced a brand new genre of lateral defense games that’s been duplicated in a variety of guises through the Google Play Store. It’s plenty of fun but greater than annoying enough to ruin your productivity levels.


Google Play Link: Plants vs. Zombies


Jetpack Joyride


Jetpack Joyride sees the return of dumb action hero Craig Steakfries who we last met fighting time-travelling zombies. Here he breaks right into a scientific lab to be able to alter a effective jetpack.


Google Play Link: Jetpack Joyride


That’s it, 70 absolutely brilliant good examples of addictive and highly compelling games around the Android platform. Their email list is in no way thorough however, I most likely needed to cut twelve or even more just from my primary list. So, dear readers, what have I skipped? What game keeps you up to the wee hrs? Which Android game titles have destroyed your productivity? Make certain you set your favorites below!

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