Link Bait Tool the Untapped Liquid Gold

A writer, a company, a brand all aim towards one thing and that is to be recognized and pull people to them to offer them their products or services. With the advent of internet a lot of options have found feet. A lot of things have been written and a lot of pretty pictures shown. One thing that not only on the internet but also in the print media, all have recognized is the fact that if your work is unique and your content is a world apart from the rest of the crowd, you surely are bound to be recognized. In this race of being recognized a new term was coined “Link Bait”. To put it in a layman’s term link bait is basically content written on the internet which is creative and presented in such a unique way that people are attracted to it, and that’s untapped liquid gold.


It is a form of viral marketing and helps in attracting traffic to the relevant website. There are no set words or terms which can be specified as Link Bait Tool, here anything can work. In fact most of the websites which do not have many keywords in their content on the websites generally resort to this technique as they would not be properly termed as “SEO Optimized” websites.


The main outcome of free link bait tool is to make the content so interesting, that it attracts people and here the company doesn’t approach them directly. Once these interested people find the content worthy, they link themselves to the content or website, in turn creating a buzz among their peers regarding the new website. The category of these people can be bloggers, social networks and even some prominent websites.

Link Bait tool


Although it has already been stated that there are no definite link bait words, but a few link bait tool are described here which help in turning people’s heads. The first tool to be used is Informational hooks. The target audiences are people searching for some particular information. Selecting a suitable title is very important, so that at first glance people know what the writing is all about. The content should be well researched and presented to give it weightage. Even personal experiences and instances give good credibility to the content.


The second tool is using News hooks where are person presents fresh material, researches and facts about the topic. This method can also be used to improve any old topic by adding latest researches to uplift it. Citations and references of the original author will not only interest others, but can also prompt the author in turn to link themselves to the new content. This ensures more coverage among people of the same community.


Humor in any form is acceptable and relieves the audience from getting bored. Humor hooks are great link bait tools, as they not only break the monotony but also result in a happy top of the mind recall for any viewer. And like so many humor videos going viral on the net, humor hooks can make good content also go viral among the viewers. For humor hooks along with content, graphics, videos and real life pictures have been proven useful.


Another head turner surely to get a lot of attention is by writing strong letters to some organizations, or writing something blasphemous about any individual or organization. People love a little spice in their lives, and another person being audacious and that too in a bad manner towards someone else will surely attract a lot of eyeballs.


Using interactive tools or useful applications that can be downloaded by the viewers is also known as using tool hooks. If the applications are really good, prominent websites can also create a link in their content and that’s half a job done, as that will definitely ensure quite a lot of footfalls and promotion.


All said and done the writers and creators should make sure that in the end any content which is simple and easily understandable is surely to get noticed, rather than content jam packed with keywords and really mind boggling terminologies, that can make anybody’s head swim. As in pull and push marketing, here we are aiming at pulling clients to us and not pushing contents in their faces, one has to be sure that what will matter is a jazzy content full of humor, graphics, experiences.


Link bait finally is liquid gold to the creators, as it pushes them to their creative best.

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