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Blog also translated as weblogs, or blogs, etc. Tribal Court, is a typically managed by individuals, from time to time to post a new article site. According to the article posted on the blog is usually the time to reverse the way the old arrangement by New. Many blog dedicated to provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others were more personal as a diary. A typical blog combines text, images, links to other blog or website, and other media related to the topic. Allow readers to leave comments in an interactive way, is an important element of many blog. Most of the blog text-based content, there are still some blog focused on art, photography, video, music, podcasts, and other topics. Blog is part of the social media networks.


The original name of the blog is Weblog, by two words web and log, according to the literal meaning of online diary, who was like a new term to pronounce the word deliberately changed a bit, read as we blog, thus, blog this words are created. Chinese meaning that blog or web log, however, it was often in mainland China itself and the Blog blogger (ie blog author) are transliterated as “blog.” “Blog” has a deeper meaning: “Bo” for the “broad”; “off” is not only a “blogger” more “hospitable” means. People are watching Blog “guest.” In Taiwan, were sound to “blog” (or “Tribal Court”) and “bloggers” that the Blog itself, including community group containing Italy, borrow from friends Blog on the network can be assembled into a great blog, became another influential liberal media.


How to Start a Blog:


To create a blog, there are two categories of blogging things:


A. is in some large portals such as WordPress, Weebly, Yola, Blogger and other free application for registration of a person blog, this benefit is an application that is used, without establishment of knowledge, and can instantly interact with many users, improve access to blog the amount.


B. is to establish an own independent blog.


The advantage of an independent blog:


a) has its own independent domain name, the domain name can be your name, screen name, or other meaningful words: dingkee (certainly be), and the application gateway station blog is two or three domain names, no autonomy, this is the most people mind independent blog – brand equity.


b) A high degree of personalization blog, the blog portals are usually done some restrictions, and an independent blog is my site I call the shots, you can achieve some functionality by adding plug-ins, you can also modify any blog theme templates, so you The blog is unique, even more outstanding.


c) The blogger himself is the highest administrator blog published blog without going through another review.


d) Can be upgraded blog domain PR value, anywhere in the blog linked to advertising to make money and not as free as WordPress work like Han and so on.


To build a complete independent blog, is divided into three major steps: setting up and blog content domain, with the host systems full, following one by one:


First, the system is equipped with


Mainly divided into two parts: The domain name, hosting and blog program.


1) Domain


That top-level domain, we usually encounter is generally ears even three domain names, such as (actually not), There is such a bad name is too long and that ownership is not his own, if and when the department’s temporary careless mistakes, you decades of effort could be wasted.


Closer to home, it is best to have their own top-level domain, such as the author’s, of course .net, .org even .info .me also line, the key to their own preferences and positioning on the blog (such as the highly acclaimed classic case of del, the domain name needs to reflect the blog’s taste and style, while avoiding the possible risks, a good domain name should have six basic elements: short, easy to remember, is not easily confused with other domain names, not easy to spelling errors, and company names / trademarks or core business-related, try to avoid cultural conflict. Several views may refer to the following: Choose a domain name of the general principles of the domain name selected five points from six rooms to see the domain name selection and promotion.

how to start a blog

Taken together, that is best to have a meaning not easily confus

ed with short .com domain name, even though it can meet these conditions may already unofficially crowned the domain name, which depends on the individual created, reflecting the artistic decisions.


2) Host


That host that is used to run the blog server can be divided into several types: own servers, hosting, shared web hosting, VPS, etc., are applied to different types of words to see the difference between Western Digital’s description. Under normal circumstances, the blog, th

en select shared web hosting or VPS performance, traffic is completely enough.


In determining the domain name and host type after that went to buy a. In selecting service providers, because of the rapid changes in information asymmetry and market the best choice for those good reputation, a long operating time of SP, you can select the host with the domain name sales, of course, can also be purchased separately. There million net domestic mainstream, the new network, host, etc. EasyLink, non-mainstream have Wopus, shared Te

mple, foreign Godaddy, BlueHost, Hostgator and etc, are more trustworthy.


3) Blog program


Of course, cattle can write yourself a customized it, but if not enough time or technique does not work, you can also choose an existing template framework, at home and abroad have, a common wordpress, Blogger, Movable Type, Drupal, Expression Engine, etc. , looks relatively recently Zblog fire, one of the most famous on the number of adopters moonlight blog. Select this regard mainly to consider the number of users, theme plugin customization, community support, programming language (PHP, ASP, etc., does not require proficient, but to understand a little better) and the host type of synergy and so on.

Second, the system is set up


The so-called set also contains two big steps: Configure the server, blog program settings.


1 server configuration


First, we must understand that we already have three main components: the domain name, host and blog program, but the problem is that they are still scattered isolated, not himself together (unless we buy packaged together, SP will help us build) We now have to do is join them together to build a complete personal blog.


Join the domain and the host is called DNS, simply put, DND is, we enter the domain name in the browser, to help the reader to the host part of the domain name. DNS can choose domain name service provider of their own, of course, you can also choose a separate DNS service providers more professional stable point, such as openDNS and domestic DNSpod so configured primary domain A record (the domain name to the host ip) on the line, the need for additional function can also configure CName and MX records, but not required.


This needs to be adjusted in three areas:


(A) Where the domain name service provider set up DNS Server


(B) A set records in DNS service provider there waiting


(C) To set binding domain where the host service provider


Configuration 2 blog program


When everything is ready, you can use the software or host Cpanel FTP program to upload the blog program to host the root directory there. At the same time ready to host the database and its account, direct access to the domain name you can start the installation. See “WordPress installation process . ”


After installation is complete, you can click into the Dashboard to set the relevant parameters, select the theme and install the required plug-ins can be.




Usage and tutorials may refer wpcourse and detailed tutorial WordPress plugin, then please refer to the “Best WordPress plug-ins recommended, “” 20 Best WordPress plug-ins recommended models. ”


It is noteworthy that, the novice it is best not to host WordPress installation into a subdirectory, so most likely lead to some bug or problem, before I set up a blog directory is specifically want to be able to as a blog domain name, then the main Dry domain to other things, the results after installing the wp-cache with the theme of conflict can lead to a review, and finally had to re-install, so this advise everyone, build process, if not extremely expert, then, in fact, go with the flow or right of!


Third, enrich the content of


Hard to build a blog, want to be able to develop a good, high-traffic, high recognition, that would not necessarily be in order to earn some advertising costs (there is also good ^ _ ^), but this is the recognition of individual efforts in this regard Columbia also a novice, but the views of someone who can refer to:


1) There is a certain professional content. Content is not limited, as long as they like, respect hobby aspect can write articles on it. To continue to be the original update, be appropriate publicity, can continue to accumulate users constantly evolving.


2) To go through the test of time. The famous blog are time-tested, upholds the first three or four years or so above about, your blog will have access to a lot of people, but also to make a lot of friends. But the vast majority of people are unable to adhere to write down.


Of course, after the article was very well written, and earns some extra money is also not considered a sin; the following is a possible profit model:


  • The first: a person is the most used – Advertising Alliance
  • The second: Advertisers
  • Third: sell links
  • Fourth: the promotion of products (also called the product blog marketing)
  • Fifth: soft message service (also called soft announcement, embedded advertising)


In addition, work hard at the same time, considering the common SEO techniques, or will get a multiplier effect, after all, no one is to write out a little frustration.

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