How to Setup VPN in Windows 7 and How to Create a VPN Server

Virtual private network (vpn) is a private network that relies on the public network to transfer data. It is a secure way of connecting web users to a network without the actual physical connection. A virtual network does not need any leased line. VPN is usually used to keep the data we send over the internet safe and private. People are concerned about their own security because the modern digital world presents so many security risks.


As stated earlier, virtual private network technology enables one to connect to a private or remote computer system over the internet. Virtual private networks works by establishing encrypted tunnels by which the private network computer hosts securely and safely communicate. Virtual private network technology is pre installed into most Microsoft computers. So check now how to setup vpn in windows 7 with create a vpn server under given below.


There are three basic things we will need to setup vpn in windows 7. These are:


  • Internet protocol address (IP) of the remote Microsoft windows 7 computer.
  • Reliable internet connection.
  • Internet protocol address of a firewall (if you’re using firewall) and router.


With these things set, the next step is setting up the virtual private network. The following are instructions of setting up the same.


  1. Start the windows 7 computer and connect it to a private network of your choice. Click on the start button and click control panel. A window appears.
  2. Double click the network and sharing centre icon. On the network and sharing centre window, click change adapter settings.
  3. On the File menu, select “New incoming connection” from the drop down menu. Alternatively, you can press ALT and F keys simultaneously to access the “New incoming connection”. In the window that will appear, select the account(s) that you wish to grant permission to the virtual private network in windows 7 computer.
  4. Click through the internet then click the next tab
  5. Click (TCP/IPv4) internet protocol version 4 in the drop down lists of protocol. Click the properties window. The incoming IP properties window will pop up
  6. Click “allow callers to access my local area network”. Click assign ip addresses automatically using DHCP radio button, then click on the OK button.
  7. Click allow access button to refresh and save the settings you have selected. These settings will allow your area network to communicate using the vpn. Click the close button to complete vpn connection settings.
  8. Configure the router or the firewall you are using from port 1723 to match the IP address of windows 7 computer. Check PPTP to enable it.
  9. Click on start menu of the windows 7 remote client machine, and then click on control panel. Double click network and internet then the network and internet window pops up.
  10. Click the network and sharing centre. Click the set up new connection or network.
  11. Click “connect” to a workplace then click next button. Click use my internet connection (VPN)
  12. Enter the router’s IP address in the Internet address field. Give a name to your VPN connection in the destination name field. Click next
  13. Enter the name of the user accounts that you granted permissions to communicate to the remote VPN computer in the User name section then enter the password for the same account. Click create tab
  14. Click “connect now” then test your new VPN connection.

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