How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Android tablets compete in case of designs and software innovations. Software updates however take time to arrive and as such, one must look for alternative methods of rooting devices. For you to make a successful root you Samsung galaxy Tab 7.0 plus, you must adhere to specific requirements. You must have rooting files, the latest version of KIES and external SD card. These are installations on your tablet.


How to root Samsung galaxy Tab 7.0 plus using ICS KIES 4.0.4


  • First you have to do install USB driver from medifire.
  • Install the latest version of the KIES that you can download from the official site.
  • Proceed to downloading the rooting file to your PC. The ZIP file is also available online.
  • Connect your tablet to the PC and copy the ZIP file to the external SD card.
  • You then switch off your tablet.


How To Root Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

Hold the volume up button with the power button simultaneously. This is to reboot the tablet in recovery mode. Once the Samsung logo appears on the screen, continue pressing the volume up button but let go of the power button.


  • Once rebooting is complete, you then select the option of installing updates from the external storage.
  • Find the root Zip file in your external storage. Press the power button to select the file.
  • At this stage, the rooting process begins. On completion, reboot the tablet.
  • You need to update the SU binary. Go to the android market and find the Super User application.
  • Install the Busy Box application from the android market.


When this process is complete then you can tweak and customize by installing custom ROM5. Rooting Samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus using android 4.1.2XXMD6 Jelly Bean Firmware.


There are several requirements when rooting using this method. First, you need to install a USB driver on your computer. Enable the debugging mode by navigating settings. Backup every important data following all guides. The galaxy 7.0 plus should be factory unlocked and locked to prevent any particular carrier.


Make sure that the battery has eighty percent charge. You require a number of files including recovery .tar .rar, superuser-3-arm-signedzip.with this at hand; you can start the rooting process.


First, you reboot the phone in recovery mode by holding both the power and volume up buttons. Then select and install the zip from the SD card. Select the zip from the external SD card and navigate to super then select and confirm installation with a yes. When the installation process is complete return to recovery menu and reboots your tablet. You can then install any applications that needs root permission.


None of the above methods has any guarantees to work but is worth trying. It is also important to note that rooting voids the warranty of your device. Accepting to try out any of the above methods to root your Samsung galaxy tab 7.0 plus is at your own risk. You are entirely responsible for all undesirable outcomes that may result from using these procedures. Try them at your own risk.

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