How to Optimize Mobile Site for Search Engines

Get the best method here’s I write how to optimize mobile site for search engines, in this world you can realize how to do that – but you cannot realize how does it works. I can say one thing – you should get blade-like example of how to optimize your mobile site for every search engines that I write here. In the last week told me my friend – increased her blog visitors for changing content management and design. There are too many reasons of why not ranked on mobile site and not properly responses on the mobile device. You may know day by day increases mobile searcher in the world, technology not stay like time like sun. Otherwise mobile search is rising much faster than desktop search. My colleague says – he comfort filled better than notebook, I’ve victim.


Step by step how to optimize Mobile Site for Search Engines :


You should need to know why your mobile site will search engine friendly.


In January 2010 has been released Apple iPhone 3GS, HTC Droid Incredible, Google Nexus One, Palm Pre Plus, T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide, RIM BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Motorola Droid from different mobile company. People happily buy his/her preferred device and too many guardian gave gifts her soon & daughter. Now day’s young generation basically brows internet on her mobile device of need purposes. Since 2009 wasn’t much more mobile searcher better than 2014, according to research at 2014 growing 25% to around in 2016 will 13.4 billion organic searchers in the world.

Optimize Mobile Site for Search Engines


At the reasons online business holders are improve their business from mobile users, so if you are afraid for non responses company sites; so get optimize your content boost your product sales by realization of my optimizing process. Let’s check processing of mobile site how to make it search engine friendly, how to do that and how it works.


Responsive web design better than your SEO


One of my big brother has been contracted an unqualified web developer for her new domain, he wants to build his site classified & media company categories. In this world people gave much more priority this type of site; because human needs. Otherwise there are too many business holders in this world, as a result they need huge marketing for produce her media and brand. At this time I told my brother – “make your site responsive, because responsive web design better than SEO”, Google give priority responsive website. If your site are non responsive so user cannot filled enjoy for browsing, in a word – Google meets the people needs. If you doing huge SEO for your site so it’s will be ranked, but if people are not comfort fill for staying your site so they close and find other site. A search engine gave priority your site visitor visit duration and loading speed not the SEO ranking. When Googlebot track your visitors visit duration is good Google will take your site top.


Using Google page speed tool


For increase visitor engagement, retention and conversions you can fast and optimize your pages by Google page speed tool. The Page Speed tools are designed to assist optimizes performance of your website and also mobile websites. If you want to increase mobile visitors so get the Google page speed tool service. Check your website performance of mobile and desktop how search engine friendly here –


Page Speed insights measure the performance of a page for mobile devices and desktop computer. URL’s are fetched twice: once with a mobile user-agent and once with a desktop-user agent.


The page speed score runs from 0-100 points. A score of 85 and higher than indicates the page is running well. However, page speed is rising day by day therefore the scores can fluctuate with time. Check my previous article about how to use Google page speed tool.


SEO Friendly image optimization


When I start blogging I would like to impress my blog visitors using my biggest infograph, I like to focus my skills by infograph. For this reason my image MB were large, so much more time taken for open a webpage and page loading speed isn’t reasonable, thereby lower visitors came from Google. My problem is solved when I get image optimization software from a friend and made my image SEO friendly & also search engine friendly. You can get this software from here.


Making Accessible and SEO Friendly text


Search engines are limited in web-crawling and how they interpret content. Web pages never look the same to search engines and humans alike. Making accessible and SEO friendly text helps bridge this gap optimizing for both search engines and humans alike.


This forms an excellent part in informing programmers, information architects and designers so that all parties involved in a site`s construction can plan and develop a search engine friendly site.


In order to be listed in the search engines, your most important content should be in HTML Text format. Images, java applets, flash files and other non-text content are often ignored or devalued by search engine spiders, despite considerable advances in web-crawling technology.


To ensure that the words and phrases you display to your visitors are visible to search engines place them in the HTML text on the page. More advanced options are however available for those demanding greater formatting or visual display styles: images in gif, jpg or png format can be assigned alternative attributes in HTML providing search engines a text description of the visual content. Continue reading to full story about how to optimize mobile site for SEO.

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