How to optimize long tail keywords (High Competitive)

Non-target keywords on the site, but can also bring search traffic keywords, called long tail keywords. Characterized in that the long tail keywords relatively long, often 2-3-word, or phrase is present in the content of the page, in addition to the content of the page header, but also in content. Search volume is very small, and unstable. Long tail keywords bring customers into the probability Website customers is much higher than the target keywords. There are a lot of long tail keywords and medium-sized sites, which brings the total flow is very large. The basic properties of long tail keywords are: extensibility, targeted, a wide range.


Here by SEO optimization team to interested friends explain how to optimize long tail keywords for a high competitive keywords under:


How to optimize long tail keywords and how quickly optimize long tail keyword ranking:


1) Understand the content of the page first, you need to know the content of this page, what do you send this page’s content is the purpose. Not all content can be as long tail keywords bring you traffic, some web content just to make the site more abundant.


For example Ribbon businesses, like this site, is a typical accessories professional website. Her basic web content cannot be separated Ribbon products.

How to optimize long tail keywords


2) Determine the page keywords to find a closer and content with ribbon associated. For example, what is called anti-infrared Ribbon? Because someone searches for the word, but certainly not strong competitive. And when the site is strong enough, the anchor text do well, the anti-infrared Ribbon is expected to rank up.


3) Write the title and keywords tag note, a page, tend to focus attention on only one of the words. A content page can achieve a keyword first, it is very good.


Therefore, the wording of the title and content of the page keyword relatively simple example: If you want to fully emphasize the main target keywords the site, you can put that word on every page in the keywords tag. Such as the above example source code: Description tag, if you can customize, is targeted to start to write 80 words keywords around this keyword is repeated 2-3 times in the description tag. If you cannot customize, you cannot describe the label.


4) Stressed Keywords


  • Note keyword density, try to appear in each of the keywords.
  • In the first place the keyword appears, give it with black.
  • Article title, giving an H tag, which can be H1, or H2.
  • Appropriate some relevant keywords in the content inside.


5) Related recommend users read your content, it will choose to leave or continue browsing. If you have more exciting content, do not forget the end of the article recommended to the user. Effective search related recommendation to reduce the bounce rate considerations.


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6) Record of the keywords and their links in the content of the page keyword, which we call the long tail keywords. We recommend that you have a list of long tail keywords and links. This keyword and its link to your long tail keywords recorded record sheets in order to facilitate the use of other hair other articles anchor text.


Wait indexed and ranked:


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