How to Make More Money With Google AdSense (Secrets Revealed)

In my opinion the world of current online, 15% young generation can be income from online for their competence, 25% people Permanently engaged in government job, 35% People engaged in private farm for human needs, 5.5% people engaged as a business holders and 19.5% young generation unemployed. Today I am discussing with 15% online employee and 19.5% unemployed young for how making extra income at home by online. I will tell those still unemployed – too many works are available in the online marketplace, so that anyone can be contribute to their skill with experience. If you are a Facebook user then obviously you waste your time unknowingly. So join today your any favorite marketplace and bid for the work, hope that you don’t be frustrated easily. You can keep up your skill with blogging alongside work. At first I had online blogging and freelancing job, but now still is my liquor/hobby, and for long 8 years the form of online blogging. Now here I will discuss how to make money with Google AdSense from my little experience, do you know Google AdSense is the highest paying CPC Ad network? Do you want to make more money from Google AdSense? You have already Google AdSense on your blog, but you can’t earn much, so do not waste your time, do it yourself by intellectuals. I am 100% hopeful of your near success.

How to make more money with google adsense


How do you spend your time on your blogging, read below – Here I have discussed step by step:


How to Make Money With Google AdSense (Secret Tips):

Website Design


Surely you want to be nice and responsive of your blog theme? Yes, if your blog design becomes responsive than your Google ads will be shown more attractive on your blog. If yours blog theme become responsive then users will visit to your blog for many times, so that yours blog impression and visit duration will be increased. As well as your blog will get Google rank easily. Obviously you know – Google gives priority to those articles which user visit duration is more because Google give priority users/visitor’s like. If your blog design and article is good you’re your users will share with their friends or by social media sites. So that, your article will get easily search engine ranking. So, In responsive theme you can get from Genesis theme, themeforest and mythemeshop for using on your blog.


Article Quality and Value


Surely you know that content is the king! Yes not only that – your article quality is good and informative then Google easily bring your article in the first page. As a result, visitors and income will be increased on your blog. Not only that – If your article becomes quality full then attractive Google ads will be shown on your blog. From your little knowledge write some informative articles with highest paying Google AdSense CPC keywords, and share written articles in your engaged social media sites. In the current world, many bloggers wrote the suitable article, so you have to think that your article will SEO effective article. How will be your article, see below:


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Firstly, if you write articles about any product or any subject, then you can’t write promotional article.


Secondly, your article will be minimum 500 words long and try to write more than 500 words. Keep your mind about percentage of keyword density, do not put your keyword many times in article body, how will you use percentage of keyword density in your article you can check it from here. Moreover, you can find out clearly from Wikipedia.


Thirdly, you have to put your prospective keywords in your article body using H2 and add other words to the keyword which as not promotional.


Fourthly, your article will quality full then also your created image/picture will become informative, and use ALT tag keyword in your image.


Your article sentence should be short, that means your article reader will feel comfortable and do not make it complex (use bullet points in article body if necessary). You can discover the Flesch Reading Easy from Wikipedia.


Use your prospective keyword in the first paragraph.


Write unique & high quality Meta description in Meta description Box with Meta Tag keywords. If you are a WordPress user so you can use Yoast or All in one SEO plugin.


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Geographical Focus


The most important part is geographical position and keyword for making more money from Google AdSense. May be you know the Google Ad click rate is higher from USA better than other countries. Otherwise, if you have huge visitors then you can earn more only by page impression. So if you want this type of visitors then you have to change International Geo Targeting from Google Webmaster Tools. At first you have to log in, your Google Webmaster Tools -> Click your site -> click Search Traffic from the left corner -> again, click International Targeting -> and click your target country as you like and then save.


Backlinks Building


One of the most important parts is Backlinks Building for making more money from Google Adsense, but you have to keep your mind before backlink building – your backlinks should be Geo targeted. If you build backlinks are location (country/IP) base so Google shows your website at this location. And you will get country specific website traffic for this type of backlink building. So you will earn more from your blog.


Use Image Ads


May be you don’t know about advertisers pay more image ads better than text ads. Otherwise image ads click amount is good better than other ads, because the image is looking good and attractive, in this case visitors are easily impressed if the advertiser’s ads shown product’s ads on this image ads.


Did you ever think you can earn up to $10,000 within a month? There is no problem to try. You don’t need to pay for getting blog traffic, you have skills, but you can’t find the right way to make more money, so what should to do?


Do you want to know more about the right way to making money online? Do you know, you cannot build up your career by yourself! Surely you have to build up your career by another person – that is maybe the new education; this will be the right way to top of the rise stairs. I’ve created a guide/infographics by hard work for newbie’s and old bloggers (Those who want to earn good through blogging), the subject of guide/infographics is that how to make more money with GoogleAdSense, it’s an easy method. At first, you need a membership if you want to guide. I hope no more query. You can contact with me anytime anywhere.

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