How to Make Attractive Website Design and Responsive

Take the following approach, your videos and blog posts will become more attractive. Your page copy will become more compelling. Your website design responsive will become more attractive. Sounds good?


How to make attractive website design:


How to Make Attractive Website

Describe the role of the power of your buyers


Buyers role is a unique group of potential customers, is that you want your marketing reach of radiation to the prototype type figure. – David Meerman Scott.


Buyer’s role is the marketing term that refers to your perfect customer, your avatar, or your ideal reader. As David Meerman Scott said, the buyer role is an excellent marketing fundamental factor.


If you’re trying to lock a group of people, your marketing will become empty, tasteless and ineffective. Instead, lock specific person, get your marketing will become more attractive and persuasive.


You want evidence?


Right Now Technologies when the shift to the role as the center of the site, their conversion rate quadrupled opportunities


Brand Regard to the steering role as the center of the road from the feature based on the road, their Golden number tripled.


How do you describe your role buyers?


You should be very understanding of your buyer’s role. He is like an imaginary friend. You need to know how to make him laugh, what makes him shake his head in disbelief. You need to know what he would like to ask you questions, you can answer these problems.


To describe your buyers, from clear age, hair, eye color, the overall image of some simple demographic information begins.


Then consider his family situation: He lives in what place? What kind of house? He has children? He much makes money every month? He opened what kind of car? He engaged in what kind of job?


Also consider his hobby. He likes to see what movie? Like listening to music? Read what kind of book? Which social platform every day uses? What is his favorite website and blog? What kind of humor he admires?


Finally, consider his desires and fears. What sustained him in the evening? He dreams to achieve what goals? How did he make a decision?


If you are B2B, you want to consider his influence on shopping decisions of. How did he get involved? How to decide? For him, what is important?


Your buyer roles tip:


In an A4 sheet of paper describe your buyer role. Give him (or her) a name; try to find one like his picture. If the buyer locked in different roles, create a file for each of them.


How to use the buyer’s role to improve your website


You can use your buyer’s role to improve the appearance of your website – regardless of whether it is in the creation of a specific login page, adjust the language you use


Let’s look at a few examples.


Creating different paths


Different roles have different buyer’s needs and desires. Customized information for them to create a different path.


For example, Forrester before to provide you with personalized information should you choose your roles:


Home is usually filled with a variety of news and blog updates. But this does not help customers find the information they seek.


Your website should not be listed you want to tell your buyer roles, but should help them find what they are looking for information to help them do what they want to do.


Your buyer roles tip:


Your home looks like? It focuses on your company’s stakeholders think the important thing is for your buyer role services?

Adaptation of your marketing message


Potential customers to your site in order to learn more about your products or services? Wrong!


They want to see what you can do for him. Peoples in your company or product are not interested.  They just want to know what your site has something useful to him.


When you know your buyer role, you can tell them exactly how you can help them and solve their problems. There are two useful copywriting formulas: FAB and PAS.


FAB formula should you buy your attention to the role of the benefits provided. FAB representative Features – Advantages – benefits.


Characteristic features of your product. Advantage of people understands what makes your product better than the competition. Benefits tell you what they have to buy a role for the benefits.


Zappos in their product description mix together the features and benefits:


PAS formula concern you solve any problem, rather than what benefits you offer. Dan Kennedy believes PASis probably the most reliable sales formula. PAS representatives – to deteriorate – resolved. This is a method of using this formula:


Attention to problems encountered by your buyer role.


That you understand the impact of this problem on his mood. He is afraid?  Anger?  Anxiety?  Depressed?  Tired?  Sympathize with your buyer role will make him feel that you can understand him. This is so that he can trust you to provide solutions.


Explains how you can help your buyer role to solve their problems.


In their Premise Landing pages, Copyblogger Media that they understand the frustrations encountered online marketers. They explained to marketers Premise can how to help them solve these problems.


Your buyer roles tip:


You deal with your buyer role encountered it? He wanted to get your attention to the benefits of it?


Select the appropriate tone


When you write, imagine you’re talking to your buyer role. Pick the word that he would use. Use only he can understand the jargon. Choose his favorite phrase.


When you and your buyer roles use the same language, he will feel that you speak directly with him as an individual. Your information becomes more intense, your tone of voice becomes more attractive and your copy will be more convincing.


This is ThinkGeek for their readers to write the text:


This particular arc reactor is not going to prevent the impact of shrapnel into the center of your light. You expect to get $ 30 less than what is it? Luminous shirt? We can provide.


Your buyer’s role tips:


Your buyer’s role what word to search for information about your products and services? You use these words in a website? What kind of tone for your buyers role?


Creating relevant content


When you know your buyer role, you are able to answer his question. You can make specific objections. You can offer to let your buyers feel interesting character, useful case studies, videos and blog posts.


Sales Benchmark Index Bowen wrote roles for different buyers:


Your buyer’s role tips:


Your buyer’s role like video or text? What information can give those help or entertainment? You can delete that content with all your roles unrelated buyers do?


Your site’s truth:


You can create the world’s most beautiful sites, but if your site does not meet the requirements of visitors, deal with their problems, you are wasting time and budget.


The only way to create a promotional site is to understand what makes your buyers to choose roles. The characteristics into the benefits of his concerns and he wants to solve the problem.


Understand that you need to overcome the fear. Thank you desire can be achieved.


Know your customers, like to read his mind. Understanding how to sell things to him. Your website will have potential customers and business.

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