How to Install Viber on Windows phone in easy 5 steps

Install Viber now and send messages to your friends who are already on Viber with absolutely no charges. Viber to Viber messages are free when you select the Viber button on your phonebook list. Viber does not charge Viber users nor does it charge your local service provider. If messages are sent from Viber to non Viber users, they go through your service provider just like normal SMS message. When now both of you are on Viber, you can text for free locally and internationally.


Viber for windows phone


All you will ever need is an internet connection; Viber works only on Wi-Fi or 3G. There are many hotspots for free at your work places and even at home. 3G will accrue internet access charges as applicable by your service provider. Simply, Viber is fully free if you use it within hotspots. You however need a data plan from your service provider if you intend to have it wherever you are over the 3G platform. If the friend you are texting does not have internet connection or the Viber application is turned off, that’s no cause for alarm. S/he will receive your messages once they turn on the Viber application or when they connect to the internet again. So lets go to see now how to install viber on windows phone under given below step by step.

how to install viber for windows phone

How to install viber on windows phone step by step:


  1. Download and install the app from OVI Store. The installation takes a short time as the app is just 1.26 MB. Run Viber and hit on ‘Continue’ on the Welcome screen.
  • Hit ‘Allow’ or ‘Ok’ on the pop up notification that follows.
  • ‘’Allow access to the address book’’
  1. Select your nation if it is not automatically detected and then type in your phone number with the cell prefix included and hit on ‘Continue’


  1. Within a minute you’ll receive an SMS with your Access Code. The Access Code is used to verify that you are the exact owner of the phone number that you entered.


  1. Immediately you get your code, it should resume the registration procedure automatically. If it does not resume automatically, just enter the Access Code in the Viber Setup screen and hit on ‘Enter’


  1. Your Viber account is now activated. Start texting your Viber contacts for free.


How to change your viber number


To change your Viber number, simply deactivate your Viber account and then reactivate with your new number. This restarts the setup procedure.


  • Go to ‘Settings’ in the Viber application;
  • Deactivation
  • Open Viber
  • Hit on the three dots (‘more’) icon in your device’s menu.
  • Hit on ‘Settings’
  • Hit on ‘Deactivate Viber’
  • Hit on ‘OK’ when the warning notification pops up.
  • You’ll receive a notification that your deactivation was successful.


Reactivate Viber with your new number by running the setup again. Enter the new number that you have preferred to use. This erases your previous Viber number and replaces it with the new one.


Viber will never disclose your personal information to anyone. We care for your privacy which is our top priority and we endeavor to keep your personal information safe and secure.

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