How to Install the Suvi V5 Canvas 2

Are you looking for Suvi v5 canvas 2, a Rom for the Micromax AllO Canvas 2? If yes then consider yourself lucky because you are at the right place.  The Micromax Canvas 2 was brought to the market in December 2012; many individuals have had the opportunity to root their AllO canvas 2 while some have not had it yet. But this does not mean that it’s hard rooting it. Immediately after rooting, one requires to choose from the many available custom ROMs to use for their MicromaxAllO canvas 2.


Micromax canvas 2 is a very fashionable tool, and is considered top of GSMARENA due to its old record. The canvas 2 contains 512MB Ram, a double Core 1GHZ -A9 Cortex Soc with a GPU-PowerVR SGX 53IGPU. In addition to that it comes with Ice Cream Sandwich. Rooting your Micromax canvas 2 with several ROMS updates it tojellybean.

How to install the Suvi v5-canvas


Other custom ROMS for the Micromax AllO Canvas 2 include:

  • JMPv6
  • S.E.M.I v4


Suvi v5 canvas 2 is most preferred for the MicromaxAllO due to its great UI and fast operating speed. The most astonishing feature of the Suvi v5 canvas is its notification panel which is more stable and suitable with the many toggle buttons.  The launcher is familiar in both, the SUMSANG TOUCHWIZ launcher. Its ROM makes use of the stock contacts and the stock testing applications, only the contacts color has been changed to black from the initial blue.


All the Micromax canvas 2 designed without the GAPPS, have ROMs with surplus 150 MB of free RAM. Tough I did not come near to this; still the ROM is totally smooth and runs several programs, apps and games perfectly. When the GAPPS is installed the performance of the device remains the same and there is no negative effect experienced. Suvi v5 canvas 2 has the greatest camera configuration probable for any ROM on the Micomax. It has a 12 MP primary and a 1.3 MP front camera that make the images sharper and clearer This is considered the result of the 60 FPS setting on the device. It is very evident for persons moving from older ROMS.


  • Everything on the screen appears cleaner and sharper, and reading messages is easy with the 200 dpi density settings. Though, if you would prefer a tighter screen display, easier to use, 190 works well.


Besides the Accu Weather widget built-in, this widget makes the home screen more instructive, and equipped with the latest weather data of your area. This widget functions well without any lag, but it depends on a stable internet connection. Its video playback has been enhanced. All the 720p videos play perfectly on this device.


Features of the Suvi v5 canvas 2

  • Improved proximity
  • Loud speaker
  • 6ofps
  • Loud headphone volume
  • Battery back up
  • 200MB ram
  • Samsung s3 boot animation
  • Touchwiz theme
  • Good gaming performance
  • Non cracking sound
  • Built in 12 MP camera


How to install the Suvi v5 canvas 2

  • Go to the link download the Suvi ROM’
  • Switch the phone, remove the battery for at list 10 sacs, put it back and then boot the CWM recovery    mode.
  • Choose factory reset or wipe data>YES to carry out a data wipe.
  • Return to main menu, choose Wipe cache partition>YES to approve.
  • On the main menu select Advanced>Wipe dalvik cache>YES.
  • Then select Install Zip from the SD card>select Suvi v5 ROM for MicromaxAllO canvas 2>YES to    approve flashing. Again select install zip from sdcard>select Suvi v5 Rom zip>YES to confirm flashing.
  • Back to menu, choose Advanced>Wipe dalvik cache>YES.
  • It then takes about 5 minutes to flash the ROM, and then select Reboot System.

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