How to Install GT P5100 Omega ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note

The gt-500 Omega ROM is probably the most ideal alternatives for a tailor made ROM from a number of custom made ROMs designed for the Galaxy Note 10. 1. It can handle the Android. 1.2 jelly egg operating system free from for your device, however, it will take out all crap from it in addition to providing a great deal of new alternatives which in essence wouldn’t have experienced on the assortment firmware. The gt-500 Omega ROM is usually functionality driven and it is brimming with features. Most commonly it is fitted using Aroma installer that will aid you while you choose what you need to run in your device. Alternatives are offered in the course of installation.


Tutorials: How to Install GT P5100 Omega ROM on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

How to install gt p5100 omega rom on a Samsung Galaxy Note


Bellow is the procedures to follow in the course of installation


  1. Obtain the gt-500 Omega by downloading it from the internet using a laptop or perhaps a Desktop and transfer it straight into zip without extracting. Connect your Note 10.1 to your laptop via a USB cable and copy it.
  2. Charge gadget to possess at the very least 70% battery power
  3. Backup or Copy all crucial information such as your contacts, call-log, messages, emails, programs, etc
  4. After backing up your stuff, begin with rooting your Galaxy Note 10. 1: after rooting your device install a custom restoration such as Clockwork-mod recovery thereon.
  5. Open Settings or Configurations, then search for Developer Options and turn on the USB Debugging.
  6. This is done by pressing and holding of the volume down button and the power keys simultaneously until the screen turns up and the Samsung brand with device model name blinks twice. After that, release the power button while still pressing volume down key until two icons appear. Using the volume down key, navigate the icons and highlight the left icon and select it by pressing the volume up key. While still in the recovery mode, use the volume keys to maneuver the list or highlight an option and therefore the power key to select it.
  7. For easy restoration later at any time; back up your stuff in your current ROM. To do this, scroll to the backup and restore option and then backup your.
  8. Go back and clear data via factory reset and then clear the cache partition
  9. Go to “advanced” and “wipes dalvik cache”.
  10. Get back to menu in the recovery “go back option and choose “install zip from Sd card. Then select zip from SD card and select the ROM file from the placement from where you have identified it.
  11. Verify your choice by selecting yes”. In case you are asked to generate picks in step with your taste by selecting yes it can launch the Aroma installer. Tap on the boot option if it appears on the ultimate screen.
  12. Once installation is complete and your ROM does not have an Aroma installer you may go back to the main menu in recovery and select “reboot system now”

The following are some gt-500 Omega’s features


  1. It supports N8000, N8013 and N8010 versions
  2. It has an efs (IMEI) Backup option
  3. Omega droid Walk Boot animation
  4. Omega Files application
  5. Omega Settings application
  6. An Option to flash any bloat or application later
  7. Google apps from Android 4.2
  8. Keyboard Android with Gesture writing from Android 4.2
  9. Omegas add-on applications:, Hide It professional, metal File human, Adfree, the ZArchiver, etc.
  10. Flash player Support
  11. SPen Board whipper
  12. Multi-Window Manager

Download location of Omega ROM for Galaxy Note 10.1

Download Link

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