How to Increase Google Adsense eCPM in 3 Steps

eCPM (Effective CPM) is Google Adsense is a very important parameter, according to this argument, you can analyze your website Google AdSense advertising effects, and targeted for optimization, adjust advertising, and thus to increase revenues.


So what is eCPM it? AdSense Help documentation is in this description:


Effective cost per thousand impressions (Effective CPM) – cost per thousand impressions. From the publisher’s point of view, the cost per thousand impressions is a very useful way to compare different channels and advertising programs of income. It is calculated by dividing the total income of a few thousand impressions drawn. For example, if a publisher is 45,000 impressions, revenue earned for the US $ 180, the cost per thousand impressions equal US $ 180/45, namely US $ 4.00.


It is important that, eCPM low channel will affect the entire account, resulting in low eCPM entire site. Therefore, as long as improve overall eCPM value, then the AdSense will get a corresponding overall revenue increase.


So how to increase Google AdSense eCPM, the first prerequisite is a web need to have enough traffic and enough clicks, if less than 100 hits a day, then there is no need to control what eCPM, first find ways to increase website traffic again, if the site have a good flow, but low eCPM values, we can not violate Adsense program policies under the premise by following a few ways to improve your site’s eCPM.

How to increase Google Adsense eCPM


Step by step how to increase Google AdSense eCPM :


1) To improve the overall traffic to your site


Including the use of SEO optimization and other methods to improve overall traffic and PageRank site, make your site SEO friendly for search engines.


2) Improve website hits


Display advertising is not the more the better, if you click on frequent display advertising low, the effect on the contrary, will reduce the entire site eCPM, that kind of advertising might as well be deleted.


AdSense CTR (clickthrough rate) improve basic approach is to adjust the ad placement and advertising and colors, usually the upper left and upper part of the page is the highest click-through rate, another way of using a rectangular box, the contents of the advertisements and articles together will improve advertising CTR. Adjust the color is mainly advertising background and text colors, to adjust it and the site overall style consistent, they can raise the corresponding CTR.


Another way to increase your CTR is to control the advertising display, because the user would click on the ads of interest, and therefore competitive through AdSense ads will then spam blacklist of domain names, so it is not a low click-through rate of ads will be displayed. Such garbage advertisers can easily find all the MFA (Made for AdSense) sites should be added to the blacklist, such as Firefox browser promotion website.


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3) Remove low CTR ad


Analysis of all the Adsense channels, web site advertising click-through rate is low are removed, the lower eCPM delete all channels. Remove these ads, although the overall number of ads displayed will reduce a lot, but your overall AdSense earnings have greatly improved.


After the above overall optimization, trust your eCPM will be improved, the corresponding Adsense will gradually be increased, the overall effect is usually required in order to fully optimize show up in a week or a month’s time.


Finally, do not complain about the AdSense price is too low, the key to improve your AdSense earnings that instead of Google, if the optimizer is better, you can bring income AdSense is definitely not a small number. If the optimization of income or does not improve, then try to do the 65 way to make money without Google AdSense. If you have not applied for Google AdSense, you can click here to apply for AdSense.

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