How to increase Google Adsense CTR (Open Tips)

With Google AdSense widely popular, followed by a question is how to increase Google AdSense CTR. AdSense conducted two weeks for observation and research later; basically there are certain principles of logic, write here for Google AdSense user reference.


How to increase Google AdSense CTR (Clickthrough rate):


1) The first theorem Google AdSense advertising


Only click on ads to count the money.


This default means that your ad must have a user sees, must be the user clicks to be effective. It is necessary to consider the following factors:


Position (a) ad


Color (b) advertising


Size (c) Advertising


(d) the most important thing is that you got this ad, or call impressions.


2) Google AdSense advertising second theorem


Only users concerned about the contents of the user will click


When you look at your article, if you see in the literary pages of information about Java training, he will not click, but if the content of advertising is literary friends, literary journals, the effect is much stronger.

How to increase Google Adsense CTR


Here the meaning is extended single piece of content to your pages to try to focus on only one issue forth, so Google is Media partners-Google crawler will not misjudge your page types and content.


3) Google AdSense advertising third theorem


Any method of cheating and deception are not feasible.


Good people loophole, any kind of sound business rules into the USA market as long as, immediately changed the taste, such as traditional Alexa shot name. To note is: Google AdSense will not be your personal means of livelihood; the more energy is spent on things other than finding a meaningful effort to cheat more strong.


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Some other suggestions:


1) Use channels


Channel allows users to know which side of the page are the most popular and most frequently clicked.


Examples, such as the user’s browser from a 16 page, click on the four ads, and the entire CTR “From [1] in the calculation of the” 5%, then calculate:


5% X 16 = ~ 1, variance Sqrt (1) = 1, click on the coverage = 4/1 = 4, according to the mathematical Gaussian distribution, the probability is less than a million.


Ratio VS IP distribution


2) Hits “Click coverage” / IP / Time


According to the analysis of the time series of hits, if there is a significant peak at a certain period of time, then this would have thought that the possibility of potentially fraudulent click.


Ratio VS time


3) Page load time and ad clicks the time difference analysis, and the analysis time difference between each click sequence


[Page load time and ad clicks the time difference] should be a Poisson distribution possion distribution, and the time difference between every two click should also be a Possion distribution, if the time in seconds to remember, more than 25 seconds, then essentially Gaussian Distribution shape.


[Time of loading – time of click] distribution VS Poisson


[Time difference of two clicks] distribution VS Poisson / Gaussion


4)  Proxy Analysis for Click


Change IP to click can be said is the most difficult time in the past to solve the most difficult to find ways to cheat, probably people would probably be Alexa’s Boost uses a Proxy false click method, but whether through reverse OMV here as long as the source is the band IP There Proxy feature server can know.


Reverse Proxy check


5) The analysis of http_agent


Time series Http_agent / time analysis of variance need to examine more than 3 peaks


6) The analysis of http_referral


Time series referral / time of the analysis, the peak variance need to review more than three


7) The overall effect remains a very useful volume:


Mean / IP for all users independent and effective cost per thousand impressions of


This will be able to find a more direct running computer spam clicking and be blocked.


Overall Ratio VS IP


I am here to give even more ways to prevent cheating, but do not forget:


Evil people will never come more than the people justice to the violent.


These are some tips to increase Google AdSense CTR, and hope to use these techniques to make everyone’s Google AdSense revenue increased.

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