How to Get Top Ranking in Google Search

Today’s online world is full of competitions, you cannot find without competitors brand or products in this world. Let’s think, you have produced a product today, you will see there are some new competitors made your product in the marketplace within short time. But you have to run your business and survive with it. Today on the basis of my little experience I will discuss about how to get easily top ranking in Google places. I have been working online many days ago; I have taken few works (SEO Project) from online marketplace. I spend more time for own blogging because if I work for my own blog then higher income will come than that of online marketplace. But the tasks that I took from online marketplace were done properly by me according to their requirements; some contracts were not completed because my demand and their budgets were not the same. In this way I was losing interest on online marketplace and now I am feeling that working for my own site is much better. Today I will discuss step by step details about how to get top ranking in Google places of a site or pages, if you have any question so please let me know through given below comments box.

How to Get Top Ranking in Google Places

Getting Top Ranking in Google Places


I am also trying for my own website so that it gets appeared in the first page of Google. Due to shortage of time I couldn’t manage even 10 blog comments or 10 backlinks from other blogs. So far few backlinks I have got from my friend’s blog through blog sidebar. I hoping that I will start working for “SEO Services” keyword from the upcoming month.

Given below steps to know how to get top ranking in Google places

.Edu Guest Posting


At first I will discuss about guest posting. At present most of the SEO workers are not familiar with .Edu Guest posting. Too many .edu blogs admin accept good articles. If you have not any familiar person then you can tell me, I will try to my best level to help you. Surely you know about .edu backlinks.  Yes .edu backlinks have a good contribution for a website if it has a Google PageRank of 5/7. There are a huge number of visitors in an .edu blog and if those visitors come from your guest post/article!!! Your guest post articles must be unique and informative. In this case, put 40% keyword of your main site and you will put direct links in guest article for remaining 60%. If the keywords of your sites are of high competition then you can collect backlinks through guest posting from 50 .edu blog per month.


Guest Posting


Though at first I have discussed about .edu guest posting, would you think guest posing is effective!!! For better SEO you must collect .com, .org, .info, .net backlinks. Guest posting is the most important thing of SEO. Due to the upgrade of Google Panda, it has become so difficult to get a website in the top position of Google through SEO. For that reason, guest link is very valuable and effective for a website. You may think that you have merely collected a guest link for your site from another site. But will it be effective really? For example, the Google page rank of your site is 1, and then you have to collect backlinks at least of PageRank 3. Some other things should also be considered. Like, how much domain authority the site or blog has from where you are collecting backlinks. As an example – if the domain authority of your website is 30 then you have to collect backlinks from the website which at least has domain authority 50. In this regard, you will put 30% of the main keyword of your site and direct link in guest post or guest article for remaining 70%. I have discussed before that, if the keywords of your website are of high competition then every month you can collect backlinks through guest posting from 50 .com/org/.net/info blogs.


Blog Comments


During 2008 and 2009 SEO workers have been collect backlinks through blog comments and could easily get their websites in the top position of Google places. But now it’s not possible to get it easily. So you must be conscious about the diversity of backlinks while making blog comments. I can tell you from my own experience that – if you can collect backlinks from commentluv blog then your page will be easily appeared in the top position of Google search engine. For this you must keep in mind that the blog must have premium commentluv plugin from where you will collect backlinks. Surely you are thinking that is collecting backlinks from premium commentluv blog enough? Of course you have to collect backlinks from relevant blogs and you have to think how effective it will be. Few days ago I took a task from an Indian client for his website. We wanted only .Edu blog backlinks. Since his website theme was complex, for this reason I suggested him to collect backlinks from commentluv blog. I told him about one of my websites to make him understand about the effectiveness of it. The main keyword of the website was “SEO MANAGEMENT”.  It took only one month to take this keyword in the top-3 rank of Google places. The main strategy of taking such a keyword in the Google top-3 position was commentluv blog backlinks.


Link building techniques: In this way to better for SEO to collect 200 premium commentluv blog backlinks every month for your site.


Sitewide Backlinks


Sitewide backlinks is most powerful for SEO, if has 500 pages of a website so you have to make it 500 backlinks from this website blogroll for your website. But REMEMBER: You will need to collect COMPLETELY NATURAL AND RELEVANT sitewide backlinks for your site or blog. NOT LIKE NORMAL BLOG BACKLINKS. You can see given below Matt Cutts video – sitewide backlinks good or bad for seo and how does Google consider sitewide backlinks.


Forum Link Building


99% SEO workers and businessmen are familiar with forum. In this cause many businessmen are start to selling their products, sharing opinion and collecting backlinks for their own websites by the forum. Many SEO workers collect backlinks only from dofollow forum by forum posting or forum signature. But many people or SEO workers don’t know that the forum link building becomes the most effective when you put your website link after a post or thread Quote with reply. But you must be careful so that your post reply becomes valuable and informative. The forum post where you have replied and you want to put the link must be relevant with your website. So your comments must be Quote with Reply/Quote with Comments. The figure given below will show how your forum link building will be effective for SEO. Click the given below image to see clearly – :


Directory Submission


Directory submission is another very important thing of SEO. Directory submission will increase the PageRank of your site and make your web SEO natural. So, you must submit your website in dofollow directory submission site. I this case, it must be a high pr dofollow directory submission site. I think, every month you will collect links from 100 directory submission site will be better for you.


Article Submission


I have discussed previously about articles submission and how to submit it effectively. Through article marketing you will get lot of visitors together with large number of backlinks of your website. The main thing of article marketing is that – your article must be unique and informative. In this case keep your mind you should do article marketing in high and dofollow article submission sites. For this purpose, you can submit your articles in Ezine, Squidoo, Hubpages etc article submission sites for your websites. But your articles should not promoting article. It must be informative and also valuable.


Link Wheel


I have discussed about link wheel previously – link wheel for SEO ranking. Link wheel is very important for SEO. Through link wheel your website keywords position will get better preference by Google. I did discuss about article marketing and the type of article. Your article must be unique for link wheeling. If your articles are unique then Google will offered Championship on your website link. If your articles are duplicate then your site will be taken backward position through link wheel. I also discussed about domain authority. Here I will say, websites having higher domain authority should be selected for link wheeling. Like:,,,,, and also


YouTube Marketing (Video Link Submission)


Few days ago I have discussed about YouTube marketing /video link submission for SEO ranking. Surely you don’t know a informative video can take your website get the first page in Google places. So do not miss YouTube marketing for your website ranking. You can see how to make effective link from YouTube.


Tiered Link Building


I have discussed about tiered link building and its submission process few days ago. Tiered link is very powerful link and to take your website in the top position for tiered link is very effective. So you cannot miss to collect tired link for your website.


Press Release


Everyone knows more or less about press release. Because it is very useful for SEO. Press release makes your SEO natural and helps in increasing Google PageRank of your website. To make you website powerful press release is needed of course.


Doc share


Doc share is one of the most mention-able things in case of natural link building. But your articles must be 100% unique. You can upload your articles in 100 high PR Doc sharing sites per month.


Social Bookmarking


About 99% SEO workers use social bookmarking sites for page indexing and visitors of websites. If your social bookmarking becomes little bit different then how will you feel? You use social bookmarking only for your website pages. Let’s try it in a different way and check out its effectiveness in case of SEO. Make registration in 50 high PR dofollow social bookmarking sites and do social bookmark for your every approval of Blog Comment Links, Guest Posting Links, .Edu Guest Posting Links, Sitewide Backlinks, Press Release Links, Tiered Links, Video Link, Web2.0 Links, Doc Share Links, Article Links, Forum Links and Directory Links.


Let me know why not increase your site or page. Lets check how to get top ranking in Google search on the being a part of local search submission. Thank you.

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