How to Get Index Blog Post Fast on Google Within 5 Minutes

Getting the best indexing method here’s I say, I think everybody knows a thought clearly – As a razor as a crystal, like this word how to get Google to index a blog post fast. Basically a blog or blog post indexed by Google depended for Branding and PageRank, so a new blog or blog post won’t index fast in Google. But you can use this method that I would say here; however one thing you will believe – “We believe on a work not a word”.


Naturally, you have to wait approximately for the Googlebot to crawl your newest content or your blog to Google index. All time track Googlebot your blog condition and your blog content – what you did, I’ve a victim. Ok, I don’t say here’s; what reasons of Googlebot crawl your site or information gathered by the Googlebot. But you have to do first for your blog introduce under the given below submission if you are new blogger or newest content:


Sitemap Creation to be the first


  • Create a sitemap for your blog basis, if your blog are CMS based you can use Google XML Sitemaps plugin, it’s will assist you to automatically create and update your submitted sitemap as well as submit it to Google search engine. Before you have to do submit your site in Google XML sitemaps Generator.
  • If you are new blogger or did not submit sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools so be the first add your new website or blog to Webmaster Tools, after complete webmaster verification then go to your Site Dashboard> Sitemaps and add your site link by clicking Add/Test Sitemap button. And create a account with submit your sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools.
  • Submit your site in Google Feedburner, Google feedburner is a popular RSS management tool. RSS management tool assist you to every post fast index and notify your blog user and subscriber. You need to be creating account using same gmail email account. Submit your newest content or blog in Google search engine using Webmaster tool here.


How to get index blog post fast on Google


  •  If you did not create account on the, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Reddit, Delicious, LinkedIn, FriendFeed, Folkd and Google+ sites so do not miss a minute. When live a new post on your blog then submits it in mentioned all social media sites. After submit your links copy your post link and paste it Google search engine, then see what happen. And you have to use PingFarm and IndexKings ping tools for newest content.
  • Domain authority is the most important for a blog or site, if your domain authority is high so your article ranked easily on the Google search engine. So you have to do improve your domain authority by high DA blogs backlinks with Branding. But how to do? You should get a package from white hat link building service for building high blog ranking with DA. Otherwise you can get it easily using your blog, here I taken an infograph about how to increase your domain authority using your social profile links (Blog Index and Authority Creation Management using Social Media). See given below this infograph:

Blog Index and Authority Creation Management using Social Media

Index your backlinks


Copy the blog commented URL like this (after approve):


Now start bookmark and submit your commented links in Webmaster tool here and also mentioned method.


In the Result:


If you are afraid using this method so please let me know your valuable comments under given below comment box – share your opinions about my method of how to get index blog post fast on Google search engine. As I mentioned in this month the reasons of why did my Google Ranking go down with Google Page Rank, I’ve realized a lot of similarities between affected websites by Google panda. This has guide us to my best guide that I strongly suggestion all of you to implement right away to boost search engines rankings.

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