How to Get Increase Organic Traffic to over 10,000 Visitors per day

How to get thousands of organic visitors per day for your blog, I have been listening to this sentence since I started blogging. I have studies a lot about it and I have seen that almost everyone believes the same thing. Besides, different famous companies have designed software or tools for KEYWORD RECHARGE and identifying KEYWORD SEARCH VALUE. Some software are completely free and some will require payment. I have used that software and learned it well that how many users have got success by using those software.


There are so many good article writers those who write very well on their own blog but they don’t even get 100 visitors every day. Besides, a good article writer builds link for his article so that anyone can get it easily through Google search. But how many links can a blogger build to get good visitors if he has 100 articles in his blog? At present, it will take long time if you want your post to be shown in the first page of Google search and it will also require proper SEO. But everyone is following the same way, you will see that today your post are on the first page of Google but tomorrow it will be vanished from the first page.


In this world of competition how will your survive and dominate by spending less time? May be you think about it 100 times every day, but you can’t find the way. May be ? you started link building again for your blog that you did previously.


There are so many discussions in popular social media like Facebook and SEO groups regarding this but nobody could provide a good solution.


Now I will tell you about an incident that took place at 9:53 pm, July 10, 2014 in such a way so that you can get expected visitors and understand who I am. I posted about a problem in “Search Engine Optimization BD” group of Facebook. The problem was about yahoo publishers. I requested previously for yahoo publishers but I didn’t get any reply from yahoo. Though my topic was “Yahoo Publishers” later on the topic was changed and it becomes “Blog Visitors” (I posted a screenshot of my blog visitor analytics overview). That day I had 10,135 blog visitors. I posted the post given below in the Facebook group “Search Engine Optimization BD”


The screenshot of visitor analytics overview of my blog with requirements:



Hi Everybody, I need help from yahoo publisher’s experts. Five days ago I have applied in yahoo publishers for my blog but I have not received any email so far. Even, I am not finding any way to know whether my request has been approved or not. At present the number of my blog visitors is not so bad. I get more than 9000 visitors from Google search engine, direct visitors almost 1000 and referral visitors 10/20. That means I get 96% organic, 3% direct and 1% referral visitors. I have given the screenshot and asked for help.


Comments of that day are share shown below:


Romjan Dhyan: If you use add of AdSense then you can earn well. Don’t you have AdSense account? Or it has been banned for any reason?


S. Chy: I don’t like AdSense because it is operated according to the sweet will of Google. I am using chitika Premium; it is much better and less risky. I am also using AdSense for some blogs. Every day it receives thousands of clicks. I am trying for more visitors.


Md Shohidul Islam Robin: When will you let us know about the secret behind getting more visitors?


S. Chy: Keyword research for blog is easy if you think deeply.


S. Chy: Now-a-days Indians are creating problems. That is why I am little bit worried.


Romjan Dhyan: have you given any keyword?


S. Chy: Blog doesn’t have a single keyword. I have posted so many post and they contain so many keywords. I get 200-300 visitors per post. I have posted in forum about the problem but still not getting the solution of yahoo publishers. I have a known person who lived in London but now-a-days I can’t find him online. He has yahoo publishers in his blog.


Romjan Dhyan: Yes, I will pray for you so that you can do better. Please pray for me too


S. Chy: Sure… Just keep fighting


Nirav Asif: Sukhen alone has done so many things.


S. Chy: I wanted to teach you fully but you are now an established man with a little knowledge. Is it possible to get you now-a-days? You are a busy person, when I give you works your electricity becomes gone.


Tariqul Alom: Brother, how many posts do you have in your blog? Could you please tell me how many blogs are operated by you?


S. Chy: Now there are 256 posts and I have 4 blogs


Tariqul Alom: Brother I have huge unique resource to write almost 2k articles. Would you please give step by step instruction for SEO! I mean regular basic schedule, Soft you use, special technique!!! Please Sukhen bro, tell something…….


S. Chy: I didn’t do any SEO for my blog. I post 1 post for every 8-10 days and that post obtained 1/2/3/4 position in Google US/IN/UK/AU/SG search engine. I just maintained onpage 100% and ping with a WordPress direct link and Blogspot main keyword link.


The keyword of the post has zero competition but high search. I always use US IP. Still, most of the Bangladeshi visitors are from Khulna. There are so many freelancers in Khulna.


To increase the domain authority I made some links in landing page by using PR6/7/8. These links were 60/66/80 domain authority.


Want to know anything else?


Tariqul Alom: Only that! Is it possible without Social bookmarking, fan page, follower high PR backlink? How many keywords should I target for a particular site?


S. Chy: I have told you brother, Zero competition, Search value high, onpage 100% ok – these are the criteria. If 50 paragraphs at the beginning of the content is kept ok and if it is not promotional then Google will take your blog to the first page, you don’t need to work hard.


Tariqul Alom: Brother I got it! Then have to fight for keyword research!


S. Chy: Example: Give 3 posts in your blog. All the 3 posts will have same topic but you will select different keywords for each post. Promotions should have different articles. Now just see, which articles runs faster.


Tariqul Alom: Brother 1 more, for example, in my blog total post 150, 100 unique post and 150 spun and 40% copy paste. Then what to do now?


S. Chy: I used a keyword (SEO Management) for 18 days. It was an article of not more than 1200 words. I did it in such a way that I obtained 70th position within 12 days. Then I made little modification and after 2 hours, surprisingly I obtained 3rd position. Brother, spun is now completely out of our consideration.


The condition of Penguin 2.0 is quite bad. I have a neighbor who has been earn from AdSense for two years. He got lot more visitors, he only had spun. He used article spin tools and to spin the articles and then just pasted it. After some days Penguin 2.0 was updated. Now-a-days my neighbor gets 10/12 organic visitors every day.


Surely you can spin articles but you must maintain quality. You must use rich and meaningful language. After spinning it is better to re-write the article. I am also very expert in spinning articles. I collect articles from different blogs and make a single article after spinning them.


Tariqul Alom: Got it brother. I was one year behind. It means, I post a single copy paste article with 10 unique articles then my whole site will be affected. That is why I don’t have expected number of visitor in my site.


S. Chy: Absolutely right and will be keywords. Just “Follow study, and Struggle: Analysis of “guest and keyword”


Tariqul Alom: I have 200 posts in my 2 sites but daily visitors are only 90.


Adsense earning is $10 per month. Ha ha ha


Thanks again for your co-operation!!


S. Chy: If you don’t find your audience and your blogging cloister so just ping me free time through Skype: seo.assasian




Tariqul Alom: Ok brother I will add you.


Refat Hossain: Sukhen brother, I also have observed it that, a huge number of visitors come from Khulna. What is the secret behind this?


Md Arifuzzaman: What is the name of your blog brother?


Shemul Ahmed Shohag: I have learned so many things from this meaningful conversation between Sukhen and Tariqul. Sukhen brother, I had a question. What did you mean by guest by using the term “guest keyword”? Traffic or something else?


S. Chy: Guest means visitors those who will search your site to fill up their own needs. By using that kind of keywords you will take your site you a higher position and fill up the demand of guests.


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How to get increase organic traffic by choosing keywords:


how to increase organic traffic

Who knows nothing for him, who does know many things for him! Am I also known!


Come at first, how to do increase organic visitors by blogging. You have to know, the visitor search what type of information from Google search engine and its search amount. Did you ever think visitors are less in these keywords – SEO Company­, Graphics design, Web design and Web programming? But you can easily know that competition is high by the help of Google adword keyword tool. Suppose you have brought up first page in Google search engine of SEO Company keyword within 4/5 months by hard work. For an example – you have got 300/400 visitors then you will get fruition if you find a job from your visitors (if it’s client).


According to me, your website can’t stay on Google first page more than one month, other website will come on your position. So, what is the profit? If you be a blogger, you have to understand people’s problem. For example- you have faced problem that visitors are less in your blog, obviously you  will find out from Google or Bing search engine that how to do increase visitor on your blog. For example, search this way: “how to get increase organic visitors” or “how to get easy way to increase visitors” or “how to get thousands of visitors per day on a blog”. You have to understand, maximum visitors have come in Google search engine to solve their problem or for any product. Every people’s want to solve their problem without any cost and how, you can easily understand if you think. You are a blogger and obviously you do not want to take this company service for increase visitors on your blog. Because it will be cost effective if you take this service, if you find this solution from a senior blogger’s article then why you will have to invest? In present world, too many people’s have who bought software, driver etc from shop for their needs, but maximum people’s download their needs from internet without any cost. Is it not? So, how will he find out?


May be this way: “free download (software name) software” or “(software name) download”. Suppose you can’t install this software then maybe you will write this way: “how to install (software name)” or “how to setup (software name)”. You can get 100/200 organic visitors by this type of keywords and it’s obviously competition is low. If you can research properly this type of keyword then you will get daily 1000 visitor by 10 articles from Google search engine. If you know this process then you can start on your blog by this way:


  • How to guide
  • Tools
  • Plugins
  • Software
  • Apps
  • Tips
  • Download
  • And etc.


You can if you want:


  1. Try to find out such a keyword (Must be your blog related) which competition is zero.
  2. Find a keyword that was searched for so many times
  3. Find a keyword which is related to a luxurious product or something learnable
  4. Find a keyword that can be a question by which visitors can get the solution
  5. Write at least 500 words per article
  6. Write 100% unique articles.
  7. Write valuable information.


Any query about how to increase organic search traffic, then share your opinion in given bellow comment box.

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