How to Get High Quality Backlinks : 10 Steps

Incoming links is an important part of a successful blog. Link to your blog on Technorati and more power, higher Google page rank. Together, these ratings can make your blog to attract more advertisers, which allows you to charge higher advertising rates. In addition, your blog grows in power and your growth in the number of incoming links, Google search engine ranking will raise, which means more traffic to your blog. More traffic to more ad impressions, PPC ad is clicked, the potential for greater practical and ultimately more money for you. Here I discuss about how to build high quality backlinks (how to get inbound links) from trustworthy website to improve website ranking process step by step.


How to get high quality backlinks from trustworthy sites:


The best:


Write content people want to read the easiest way is to get people from their blog and website link to your blog publish rich content. Of course, if you write a post, very interesting, useful and beneficial, people will want to talk about their own blog these posts, and share with others. This means that the more links to your blog!


Blog directories:


Submit to blog directories have some blog directories where you can add a link to your blog, asBlogHer. Some even include social aspects, such as BlogCatalog and the MyBlogLog, offers a variety of ways to increase incoming links to your blog, simply by your registration.

How to Get High Quality Backlinks


Authority Exchange:


Get the Blogrolls Contact Once you have a good amount on your blog published compelling content, methods with the same or more power than any other blog’s blog (such as through Technorati’s ranking and Google page rank), and propose a Blogroll interrelated. This is the most successful, these two blog is the same topic, leave a comment on his or her blog, made before a Blogroll link exchange, you develop relationships with other blog.


Build Links through:


Leave Message Post guest blog is a great way to not only drive new traffic to your blog and promote your blog, but also increase the incoming links to your blog. This is particularly useful when you can write a customer after the blog has a high Technorati authority and Google page rank than your blog has.


Keep blogging contest:


Keep blogging contest blog contest is a great way to attract traffic to your blog and increase the number of incoming links. First, you can add a variety of promotion on your blog contest blog contest to promote the site incoming links. In addition, you can also include rules of the game, told them they could earn extra contest on writing your own blog, a link back to the original game into your contestants.


Join blog carnival:


Join blog carnival blog carnival is a simple way to increase the number of links to your blog. Just find a blog carnival comes to your blog topic (or start your own), writing articles carnival and submit your articles to link to the main blog carnival venue. Your link to the article will serve as the introduction of another free link; you can also drive an important part of the blog carnival of traffic.


Guest Posting:


Write articles for other websites have a lot of sites; accept from any person as eHow and related content. In addition, the pursuits of opportunities “write online to your blog topic related magazines and publications, accept freelance submissions, please be sure to include a link to your blog, your articles and bio.


Blog creation:


To create other blog and website created more blog, website, Squidoo’s lens, HubPages’s hub and more, and all of them interconnected exponentially increase your link.


Blog Commenting:


In other blog when you leave in another blog’s comments, is always sure to include your blog’s URL in the URL field in the response. Although some blog using the “nofollow’s” HTML tags in their blog template (link meaning back to your blog will not calculate Google’s standards), it is a good habit to always include your URL and so there is always the chance with each incoming link comments submitted.


Forum Link Building:


Include your blog URL in your forum signature line into your blog theme, and actively participate in online forums and message Plate Make sure your blog URL in your forum signature contained, so there will be a live link for each message submitted at the forum.


Social Networking:


Participate in social networking sites social network where sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace offer, you can your personal information including your blog’s URL using your social network account to further promote your blog and drive high traffic.

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