How to Get Google AdSense Approval Fast – The Six Reasons

Every bloggers have a dream to making money online fast and easy way to success on the online. A blogger can earn through Affiliate program, Publishers program and selling his/her blog space. But every blogger can earn easily and without hesitate by publishers program. So most of the bloggers choose the first publishers program and choose the high PPC and CPC program. For this reason Google AdSense publishers is popular for most of the bloggers. Because of Google AdSense publishers program is high PPC program. Nowadays a newbie blogger cannot get easily approve Google AdSense for changed Google publishers rules & program policy. If you confused about 100% AdSense approval guidelines then read my article carefully before apply Google AdSense.


There are two types of Google Adsense account on Google publishers program; these are 1) Normal Adsense and 2) Hosted Adsense.

Google Adsense approval tips

Normal Google AdSense Approval Fact

  1. Blog Age
  2. Copyrighted material
  3. Content
  4. Blog/Website Design
  5. Authority
  6. Traffic


Blog Age


Now Google has completely changed rules for peoples scamming Google AdSense program. If your blog age less than six months so you cannot get AdSense account.


Copyrighted Material


If your blog contains copyrighted material so you cannot get Adsense account. For an example:

  1. If your blog content is Adult/porn.
  2. If your blog content is Image based.
  3. If your blog content is video or MP3 based.
  4. If your blog is warez site.
  5. If your blog content is hacking or cracking
  6. If you provide cheats to multiplayer games, software and servers or websites.
  7. If you provide illegally access or tamper with software


Before applying, you must ensure that your blog contains isn’t mentioned these based of blog. You can get Adsense account if you have genuine articles on your blog.




Content is major fact for Google Adsense application approval and disapproval. Your blog content must be 100% unique and accessible & SEO friendly text by write articles yourself and write up to 500 words per article. Google Adsense supported Language. Make sure your blog must have more than 100 articles. Remember – if you write only article not readable and not enjoyable article then that foolishness.




Your blog or website design must be desktop and mobile responsive. And of-course your blog navigation must be clears and no blank nav menu or category, it will be accessible and searchable navigation. Submit a completely launched blog to Google Adsense. And make sure that your blog is live and functioning properly before submitting for AdSense approval.




You have to create Privacy policy, About Us, Contact Us page on your blog, and make sure that your blog must have those pages before applying Google Adsense. And if your age under 18 then do not apply as you must be above 18 according to Adsense TOS.




Traffic is one of the most important factors of Google AdSense approval fact, if you have huge organic traffics on your blog then this will be best plus point for Google Adsense approval, you can get Google Adsense account easily. The main factor is – If your blog does not have sufficient organic visitors then you cannot get Adsense account. Before applying, you must ensure that your blog get enough organic traffic. Don’t contribute in ‘click exchange or traffic exchange’ programs that recompense people to achieve actions that drive traffic to your blog.


# Minimum Requirement:

  • Organic traffic – per day 200
  • Page Views – per day 500


Hosted AdSense Approval Fact

How to start for get a hosted Adsense account:

  1. Create a Gmail account with YouTube account using same email address (If you don’t have Gmail account).
  2. Make a new video (any type of video, but not porn) and upload your YouTube account.
  3. Then go to “Video Manager” – “Channel Settings” – “Monetization” (You can visit –, now click on the “Enable My Account” button.
  4. Now click on “I accept” button to enable your account for monetization (for accept Google Adsense Online Standard Terms and Condition). Now a new page will appear, click on “Monetize” button.
  5. Now you have to do link your Adsense account by click on “associate and Adsense Account” link through visit
  6. Now fill up your information about your name, address, postal code and etc after redirected to new page by clicking “Continue” button.

Now your account is ready ? .

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