How to Get Bitcoins : Simple Ways for A Beginner

How to get bitcoins is one of the many question asked by new users of bitcoins. To most of as the process of acquiring bitcoins my seems very confusing, but with the correct information mainly on special and simple ways to acquire the said bitcoins will be much helpful.  Getting bitcoins is not as difficult as it appears, but initially its very head hunting. Try accessing bitcoin beginner’s guide to take you through the whole process of working with bitcoins. Dedication is also paramount as you will face plenty of hardship that you have to overcome, but on the end you will reap fortune.

How to get bitcoins


Check out now proess of how to get bitcoins online:


1) Create a Bitcoin wallet


Creating a bitcoin wallet is the basic startup in working with bitcoins. A bitcoin wallet is a program or more of a website which a user uses to hold and store bitcoins while you make transactions. There many website that offer free wallet services by simply sign up which takes a few minute and all you need is a username and a password. You will get a start up key on many sites where you will click to access the services.   You can also use the official desktop client to start up a wallet however some sits needs a setup of time.


2) Locate the bitcoin address you need


Ones you have a bitcoin wallet ready the next step involves searching for the many sites that offer bitcoins services. Login and click receive money or receive the coins. There is usually a bitcoin address where on can select among the 34 to 35 character starting with one to access the bitcoins. It’s the address one needs to receive bitcoin payment.


3) Buy bitcoins with cash


You can buy the bitcoin using you cash. With some sites you need to go on the block chain information and enter the homepage where your bitcoin address already accessed in step two will be used. Search for the purchase pages on various website where you can start a transaction in and from your address. Deposit cash on your bitcoin account and buy some bitcoins which you can use later on transaction as well as make others. You can earn bitcoin online if you serious.


Ways to get bitcoins are bitcoin exchange


A Bitcoin Exchange is a place where people buy and sell bitcoins for other currencies. The best sites are the Mt.Gox and the Intersango. Sign up for an account with the sites then you will be able to wire money directly form you PayPal or exchange bank account. You only need to create an Ask or Buy order and buy the amount of bitcoin you need. BTC exchange rates change each day especially with the local currency changes.


Get free BTC sites


There are free bitcoin sites where you can still access lots of bitcoins. offers free, but small amount of bitcoin each day by just viewing ads and filling up surveys.


Play Video games and get bitcoins


Playing of video games online can be a good source of bitcoin as with each practical play you get some bitcoin as endorsement.


Market places to sell or buy items


Market place search as those sites include the and the famous Bitmit. Join the sites by signing up and access the many services offered.


Advantages of using bitcoins over the normal currency are


With bitcoins there is no third party seizure. With the multiple redundant copies of transactions databases no on is at the position of seize the bitcoins.


User of the bitcoins has total freedom with the type of bitcoins


  1. Bitcoins cones with out taxes as there are no third party intercept in the transactions of bitcoins hence very hard and no viability to introduces and implement bitcoins taxation system.
  2. With bitcoin no tracking unless the user publishes there wallet address in public no one can trace the transaction back to them.
  3. The use of bitcoins comes with no transaction cost give that receiving and giving bitcoins requires users to keep bitcoin client running and connected to the other nodes.
  4. There is no risk of charge backs with bitcoins. Another main advantage with bit coins is that they cannot be stolen as the ownership of the address can only be changed by the owner.


Bitcoins disadvantages


The bitcoins are not widely accepted hence offers a narrow marketplace with bitcoins and also limit users. If the wallet gets lost you loss a lot of bitcoins especially with harddrive crashes or even corrupts with a virus data then you loose the bitcoin. Bitcoins value fluctuates with time hence they can be infective when at low value.

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