How to build high quality backlinks ?

Backlinks are base of off page SEO optimization. If your website is having a lot of backlinks then there is probability that you will get a higher page rank and your website will be easily ranked in search engines. Backlinks are of two types with one being do-follow and other one being no-follow. Both the backlinks are beneficial but Do-Follow backlinks are better as compared to the no-follow backlinks. Generating backlinks is not an easy task. There are various methods using which you can generate high quality backlinks for your blog and we have mentioned some of them here.


Guest Posting


The best and free method to get high quality backlinks is by doing guest posting. Before starting guest posting or any other method which includes getting backlinks you should make a list of websites which are similar to your niche. Also check if these websites are having a higher Page Rank because you will be only benefitted if the websites from where you are getting backlinks are having high traffic and page rank. Once you have created a list of websites, write high quality articles and submit it on the website. Just think that you are writing the article for your website and maintain the quality. Quality content is very important. Reply to each and every comment you receive in the post and try to clear all the doubts which are raised. The webmaster will offer you one link in return in the author bio section where you can add the link of your website. In this way you can get backlinks by doing guest posting.


Blog Commenting


Commenting on Blogs also help you in getting high quality backlinks for your blog. While you are writing a comment on any blog keep in mind that you have read the entire article and the comment which you are going to write is as per the content present in that article. Use the same list of websites which you used earlier in the Guest posting step. You can also take help of commentluv blogs. Commentluv blogs are very helpful in getting backlinks for your websites as the backlinks which you get from commentluv blogs are do-follow backlinks. Try to get websites which use commentluv plugins so that you can get do-follow backlinks and get a higher Google Page Rank.


Yahoo Answers


I don’t like Yahoo personally because of the lame services provided by them but the one thing which I love about them is Yahoo Answers. Yahoo Answers can also help you in getting high quality backlinks. There are certain levels in Yahoo Answers. You get points for answering each question and there are levels for different number of points. Once you reach level 2, you will can add live links to the answer to the question you are replying to. So here what you can do is mention the link of a post on your website in Yahoo Answers. Whenever you ask any question on Google most of the top results are displayed of Yahoo Answers. So in this way you are getting both referral traffic and high quality backlinks for your website.


Forum Posting


You can also take help of forums for getting high quality backlinks. Here you need to create a list of forums which are similar to your niche and are having a higher page rank. Once you have created a list of forums, engage in the discussions which are taking place on that forum. If you are having a post related to the discussion which is going on share the link of that post on these forums. This will get you a backlink for your website in return. You can also add the link of your website in the signature field of the forum as it will also help you in getting one more backlink for your website.


Article Submissions


Taking help of websites like Squidoo, Hub Pages and many other will also help you in bringing high quality backlinks. Write high quality informative articles just like the way you did in guest posting and submit these articles on article submission websites. In the end of the article mention the URL of your website for reading of more content. Article Submission websites get a lot of traffic daily because people visit these websites to get ideas for new post titles moreover these websites also have a high Google Page Rank. So getting backlinks from article submission websites is always beneficial for your website.


These were some of the sources which you can use for getting high quality backlinks. Whenever you are looking for websites for getting backlinks for your blog check if the websites are similar to your niche and are having higher page rank because you will only be benefitted if the websites are similar to your niche with high page rank.

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