How to Build a High ROI Site in few Thought

Internet changing so that more and more people see the Internet which is a gold mining incomplete, so there are a lot of people have access to the Internet to grab this gold mine, some people really struck gold while others are losing money on the Internet around the circle. To mix it on the internet site is essential, and the development of the site, promotion, operation, maintenance is the need to invest in, so when you want to dig a piece of gold on the Internet when you are well assess ROI how much would such investment and effort is worth it.


When you have decided to dig gold pieces on the Internet, then you have to carefully consider how to do a high return on investment site. How to build a high ROI website does, that Chen Kai and everyone will work together to talk about this topic.

How to Build a High ROI Site


First I had planned from the nature and fundamental grabbed website.


Positioning 1) website theme should be accessible.


There are in accordance with industry, personal preferences, type of site, site mode of division, you have to look at this situation and personal circumstances of the company depends.


2) You have to know who your users are.


And users do, they can follow the age, education, customs and other ways to divide, clear understanding of user behavior to provide their own services or products for which class of people, whether these people really need you have to offer services or products.


3) Good competitor analysis.


Analysis of the strength of competitors, history, background and so on. You can learn to analyze your competitors and peers through a consulting company to inquire.


4) Formulate a clear profit model.


Selling advertising, or is it to sell products, services or sell it, or sell the concept of it, this may vary depending on your situation depends.


Second, Development of the web promotion strategy.


(1) SEO promotion: low cost, accurate source of customers, a brand, but the slow effect, manpower big investment.


(2) Internet advertising (including bidding): relatively low cost of traditional advertising, advertising forms, audiences customers more accurate, there are interactive.


(3) Soft paper promotion: low cost, easy to operate, wide spread, persistent and strong.


(4) .sns website and microblogging promotion: interactive, wide audience, user stickiness high.


(5) Line marketing, offline activities.


So a variety of ways to promote here is not, for example, according to their own situation to develop a marketing strategy which is quite necessary. If you really do not do this thing can only outsource network company, but be sure to choose a good network companies.


Build a quality site again.


A website is a business Menlian a sell, a good “Menlian” A small company can dress up as a big company, but a bad “Menlian” can put a big company image and made a very mediocre. So, ah Menlian very important did not put it where to output, where I cannot bear children sets maintained wolf ah.


  1. a) To create a high water quality site.


  1. b) Website designs must be attractive novelty.


  1. c) To the site and establish a brand.


  1. d) Website user experience to be high, easy to operate, to provide customers with convenience.


  1. e) Website content must be mind to write, to cater to the preferences of your target customer groups.


  1. f) Users to interact and enhance the user stickiness on the site.


g) Users visit the data were analyzed with the data speak, only to be able to analyze the data more.

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