Google Voice Search SEO : Preparing for the future

If you’ve been paying close attention to future trends, Google voice search is very excellent search engine that you can find anything search by your voice, no need to type or write on search box, just loud your sound. If you are not ready!!! Add a Google voice search on the Internet for users to find information and search engine interaction has a significant impact.


Future for Google Voice Search SEO

What do you think?

Use voice search, seems to be a new concept for us to attract traffic through these words people type. However, in many ways, this is a natural evolution of global warm growing mobile network. After all, the small touch screen, smaller buttons can make typing a challenge – especially on the road.


However, while mobile users will continue to benefit from the ease of use of voice search, it does not stop there. Now Google’s Chrome browser also offers voice search for desktop users. Selling points include convenience when away from your desk or use when your hands are full, and its usefulness for longer queries. Google also mentioned that it is easier to search by voice, when you do not know the spelling.


Google where clues, of course, we can expect other search engines.

Google Voice Search SEO

Voice Search is a search engine optimization what does it mean?

Voice search SEO raised new challenges. To effectively deal with them, it is vital to understand and adapt to their differences.


The most noteworthy is that people talk to the search engine the way we use concise language from the type of search. This is reflected in Apple’s voice interface is suitable for iOS, Siri natural language interface and Google Voice Search. Both are set in a multi-way interactive session to answer users’ questions. In fact, Apple encourages users to “Siri dialogue, you will a person.” With each search engine’s response is limited to a single piece of information, which is why many inquiries follow up question – just like a real dialogue.


This new way of interaction between the search engine itself consequences. They will need to explain these conversational phrases and queries matching related keywords in the search index. Rather than providing a set of search results, their purpose is to provide a direct response (such as a weather report responds to questions about the weather).


This obviously has consequences for online businesses and brands. With the type of search, rankings and related search keywords people use to guide the search term statistical forecasting visibility and competition. Voice search is not dependent on the classic keyword to the same extent. Needs of online businesses and brands, and what kind of question is not thinking might ask how their website can provide the best response.


Even here, is another challenge. With search engines, designed to create the experience of a dialogue, hard fact is that users are less likely to need the information by clicking on a Web page. This is not only in search traffic, but the site owners to monitor their data rely on search marketing campaign will also have an impact.


However, there are still windows of opportunity for the enterprise. The key is not in the search engine in response to the delivery of services, products, or in-depth information.


Other considerations for global enterprises

Voice Search also offers the opportunity to multilingual enterprise, with the development of technology, in order to compensate for ever more languages. Google has supported an impressive 42 languages. In Asia, including Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Yue Zhongguo, Indonesia, Malaysia, and most recently, the Philippines and Vietnam. The search engine also offers a variant of English optimized for Indian users. Meanwhile, the Chinese search engine Baidu and Sogou have a search function Android Voice Assistant.


Because Internet users prefer to search in their native language, Multilingual, for the entire Asian or global markets business seems to be a wise move. In addition to supporting more languages, search engines such as Google are refined accent identification, including even more users. Localized content for different regions, follow their lead.


At the same time, bear in mind that the benefits of Google Voice Search mentioned: it does not matter if you do not know how to spell, as long as you can say. English language web content itself with limited knowledge of written English will become more accessible to people. This might be a good time to make sure your site is clear and easy to understand non-native, clearly mark any alternative language.


While voice search yet popular tradition type of search, hopes to grow its importance. From an SEO perspective, it seems that the changes brought unwelcome, but it also brings opportunities. If your customers want to talk about, ready to listen to their views.

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