Google Content Ranking Factors

As the most technologically leading Google search engine one, included in the site of a set of scientific review and ranking mechanism for review of web content more so, so SEO speaking, if we can understand that Google thinks some good content knowledge, will SEO optimization work of great help. Here the share of foreign SEO found in this area:


Unique content

Original content. Has a lot of original content will greatly promote your website ranking.


Frequency of content change

Frequently updated content. Search engines love frequently updated website. The best practice is to regularly add new content, do some small updates will not have much effect only on existing content.

Google Content Ranking Factors

Keywords font size

Keyword text size. When a page keyword font used in the text larger than the other, it will make them more prominent, so that they will become even more important when compared with other text. Use heading tags (,, etc.) also have the same effect, because they are usually more than ordinary text font size larger.


Keywords formatting

Keyword format. Bold and italics are another important text and paragraphs emphasize methods. But you want a reasonable use bold, italic and large font size of the text; this may have the opposite effect.


Age of document

File age. The new file (or files can be frequently updated) more popular.


File size

File size. Search engines usually do not like very large files. You can put a large file into 3 small files this way to get better rankings.


Content separation

Contents separately. Some sites will be different according to the user’s IP or a different type of browser display different content, from a marketing point of view to do this is good, but SEO is not good, let the spider confused, not knowing what is actually in the end content.


Poor coding and design

Clumsy code and design. Search engines claim that they do not like to have bad code and design websites, although there are few sites will clutter the picture without being ugly or code included, but if a website design and code is really bad, it might be crawling spider There is also difficult, so from that point on, poor code and design will greatly harm your site’s ranking.


Illegal Content

Illegal content. Without allowing others to use someone else’s copyrighted content or content contains some illegal content, make your website search engine removed.


Invisible text

Not visible text. This is a black hat technique. Because this is for search engines rather than visitors designed for text, the search engines will undoubtedly be punished.



Camouflage. Camouflage is another immoral technology that will make the spider to see the contents of the (highly optimized) and visitors to see the content are completely different.


Doorway pages

Doorway pages. Specifically for search spiders to create a page, but the site’s visitors without much value, which is the doorway pages.


Duplicate content

Duplicate content. If many pages your site’s content is the same, which not only will not make your site look bigger, there may have been removed from the search engine penalties.

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