Good and Bad Search Engine Optimization with Ranking Factors

This article is about SEO techniques and the various ways ranking is raised by changing links, marketing, using dark radicals or techniques close to spamming. Here I wrote both of Good and Bad Search Engine Optimization with Ranking Factors.


Take such as the return from the space station of Mr. Hansen, the Canadian astronaut. He became popular among the average people on Earth by offering to tweet with anyone who wished to tweet.  This gave this insignificant Canadian jockey instantaneous fame and helped him survive over two years on the space station as well as it helped with his own recovery as he began to act again on Earth. This technique could be termed akin to spamming.  His tweets were not endorsed by any space agency, and since he was Canadian, no one ever heard of him until he became known for his tweets.

start a blog

An SEO technique should include blogging, article submission and forum posting if they have some kinds of notoriety.


All-time SEO Dreams Another Dream


One commonly used method of black-radical approach is using the Skype forum to post an achievement like a new book or product sale.  Skype forum is only for questions on how to use Skype, yet sections where successes with Skype might be recorded.  A crooked SEO could slip in a comment that Skype helped him publish, etc. Another website that could have the same type of forum, can get the black artist caught is  There is more monitoring on that site; still a bad player can get millions of hits with a few good posts.


Hidden texting is another sour technique that many professional hackers and black hat SEO workers are known to use constantly.  Hide an encrypted keyword in a darker banner, and then fill the text with spam.  The banner will rank with the keyword.  Also abbreviations or slang’s might be used on applications’ to reach a younger audience.


Pages that Open Doors


A web site that opens with a banner that is filled with high-ranking keywords can be plastered on a web site open page soaring the looks it gets from perfectly innocent users.  This is just plain sneaky and any good SEO worth his salt wouldn’t even touch such a technique.


Anybody who has heard of copy-cutting knows that by changing every seventh word in an article, he can copy an entire book without being caught for plagiarizing.  This would not pass Copy-cape; however, it is still done.  Entire contents of someone’s copy-write articles might be resubmitted over and over by just changing a few words.  The user is stealing the article’s plot and the work of the writer and owner of the article.  The crooked SEO, yet, is reaping the same benefits that writer got by publishing the content on a blog and getting paid for it. The real dark techniques being and old technique is still being used all time.


Stuffing an article and a blog with high-ranking keywords is the last cryptic way an SEO can increase sales.  He gains a list of very high-ranking keywords, and then loads the article with them.  He will soar in ranking, but eventually will crash much like having a hangover.  Using keywords to reach high rankings is not foolproof.  There is such a thing as geometric regression and loss of momentum on the internet search engines. Perfect scams very rarely clean up on the internet.


Linking web site Together Rarely Brings a Solid Product


Usually a website associated with a particular subject, person or E-business.  When SEO use links they are too bulletins or sites that are directly related to the subject of their site.  To increase clicks by offering links to popular yet unrelated sites could give a crooked SEO limited success.  He gets a run.  Millions of users could just spontaneously click to his web page if they are crawling on the internet and find a link that leads them to the black-radical site. What happens is that the web site is cheap.  It is no longer professionally ranked.  It instead goes to networks such as which cover almost all subjects alphabetically, but not in any organized or schematic way.  His site in essence becomes junk.  E-mail spam and no one bothers to click to it again.  This is normally the case, but if the black marketer is smarter than a cat, he could slip into a few linked sites and make a killing.


Honest Search Engine Optimization


The best SEO tools use high quality material.  There is always the example of web site design.  Sometimes it is best to spend money and use professional web developers than to click to and get your own page.  They use high quality content.  Keywords purchased, not stolen.  The content is unique because article writers are hired from professional freelance sites.  This has always been the way to go for high-ranking achievement.


The format of the web site is important as well as the proper use of banners and logos.  Same thing happens with the placement of important names, locations and illustrations; so a click to the page is a revealer of what to know paramount to gain ranking and how to increase blog traffic fast of the ranking.


The Wise Use of Links


The SEO that knows the art of link baiting (to drive business to his web site) is an important ally in any white hat marketing technique.  He creates content which draws visitors to his site.  He may post the content on message boards or through email with sympatric.  He is an artist and a salesperson that can bring business.


Internal linking is important.  Lately, web site has included search engine’s tools.  This subjects that are searched and linked internally to various site menus or bulletins that can broaden the user’s knowledge of the site and what are offered.


Start a Blog


The most gainful way of getting participation within your site is to invite guest bloggers.  The SEO emails compatriots inviting them to blog, much like asking a friend to host a show.  This is becoming a more and more common technique.  It offers a spotlight for the friend, yet increases the number of users to your site helping the ranking to go up, as other users waits online to join.


What are in-Between SEO Techniques?


In film making the term gray refers to a medium that is shiny or not contrasting between black and white.  It is more hidden. Gray hat search engine optimization is the steadiest way a programmer can upgrade his ranking without merit.  One way that is well-known is the ability of some hackers to change the menus of search engines.  This type of hacking can include article spinning, submitting an article that is spun out of nowhere, the menu will change to accommodate the subject or title, yet the content is used to bolster the bad user’s reputation.  Many examples of article spinning might be seen on where the community forum is addressing technical problems and the spam is elucidating something else this forming a completely different subject.  If no moderator is present, this can quickly dilute the forum subject to a tool for the spam.


A really cute way a gray hat spam can conjure up tricks by using multiple links.  He can offer a link to a reputable web site, yet when the user clicks to it; he is directed to a bulletin or page that is of completely different content.  A good example is found on some author’s pages where an author is advertising his poetry, book or writing, but to see more a link to a horror site or even pornography can create a market for less mainstream articles and create a black-market for him.  These are poets who might advertise their poetry under very reputable headings, but in fact show Frankenstein-like sites that cater to the fringe.


Even gray hat techniques have their limits. Usually poetry, books or even bulletins are reviewed periodically by the web master.  There is usually a web master whose direct comments and output to your computer exchange.  The message from the web master is taken seriously.  Also there is a market in false web master emails.  The web master is easily recognized because the computer bank that is used is definitely recognized by his address.  He is localized and his email will give the exact type of computer network he is addressing usually including capacity, etc.


Why White Hat Techniques are better


Although the user does not feel any gainful production from his marketing right away, playing it straight plays out in the long run.  By being consistent, avoiding multiple links, article spinning or feelings of anxiety, a real computer SEO professional gets great rankings by just being honest. In an Internet superhighway, being gray (unlike in filmmaking) does not make marketing more interesting, instead it compounds the problem.  Computer technology is an integrated, highly advanced form of machinery.  Possibly taking a course on the internet or investing in a degree in data collection or computer literacy will keep the SEO alert to problems that he should avoid.


True, using a laptop eight hours a day can lead to lapses.  But remember that it is a machine the user is using.  He is not talking to a person.  A person may be responding on the other end, but millions of factors that are measured while he is typing or texting his message.  Google itself has bragged about its capacity to check every title, subject or even click that enters their search engine.  It is estimated that some billions of users use Google.  Do not underestimate what Google says.  They are capable of integrating, processing, programming and publishing information about any one of those clicks.


If a user is clear, concise and can use good grammar, he will be on the first step to good marketing.   The next step is to buy good domains.  The best domain name to your web site is your own.  You are the best marketer of your own site.  Try a keyword that you use regularly on the web site, try using it as a domain name.  Click on to, and register the name for 20 dollars.  Use that domain name for a month or two and see if you’ve generated clicks to your site.  You may have picked a unique name that sets the site differently from others in the same field.  Is there a specialty offered?  Is it the locale of your site or the type of service or product that makes it different?  Are their people on the site that generates interest or is it simply the subject that the web site addresses that offers uniqueness?  These unique differences place the web site at a higher ranking on the information tree. A user can be looking for a particular quality of painting or poetry that has a local influence.  If he clicks to your site, he used that difference in keywords to get there.  You had been on top of the pile.


When using links be sure that you have real connections to the link that is provided.  If the web site owner is a lawyer, the links he provides (such as to notary-public’s, etc.) must be known by him.  Don’t use buckshot to offer services, or the user will miss the target.  The web master will see that the information being provided by the site is not always complete.  The lawyer’s web site will thus be demoted to a network where every user is welcome to comment or advertise.  These networks like are not visited by real users who might want to buy services.  In fact, spam searchers or people who like to steal domain names patrol those networks daily.  Your business becomes a rip-off and not a solid turn-on.


If an SEO is seriously involved in an e-commerce as well as in web design that advertise their services at very affordable rates.  To do a good web designer search note the type of E-commerce site that is being planned, the size of the operation and costs.  Web designer firms have different approaches to different sizes of industries.  If the web site is a small business, maybe a less expensive web designer with twenty-four hour service telephone lines would be best.




Sophisticated search engines like Google or Yahoo are able to drive any black artist or gray artist into a hole within a few months after he or she comes online.  It is the nature of Internet honest. Ability of information technology to sort out glitches or small errors in their comments or output is well-known.  So be aware that using underhanded techniques will not offer the user with profitability or fame.  Instead by sticking to the rules and never copying text or creating hidden phrases that can be wallpapers in an individual’s web page interface to steal the comments, will not let the hacker get his rating. The loser is the hacker.  An anomaly on a flashing banner or even a subliminal logo on another business’s web page won’t bring real growth to the hacker’s business.


Really what brings growth to an SEO´S portfolio is good grammar, consistency, free of Copy-cape productions and an underlying simplicity to the format he provides.  The links offered and the blogging space that is on his site is all part of an honest hard-working storefront that always provides business at a very cost-effective rate.  These are the reasons SEO’s succeed. Now choose Good and Bad Search Engine Optimization for your website rankings.

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