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Take back your security and privacy by using this popular VPN for android user. Our platform for android enables you to browse the internet anonymously while at the same time protecting your personal identifying information. You are also enabled to access blocked sites and make your browsing fivefold faster; and it’s free. As much as our VPN was available for desktop, it is now available as a browser extension and most importantly as an android application.


Nowadays your browsing sessions are being monitored by countless entities; the national spy agent, Google, online advertisers and social networks. Making use of a VPN is critical in reclaiming your alone, privacy and security. Use our VPN to browse at a wifi hotspot without anyone reading your sessions.

Free Internet for Android Phones


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4) Download free VPN for Windows


Advantages of Android VPN


  • Unblock any website; it’s annoying and intriguing to be denied access to some websites at particular locales. Administrations in these areas may put up location based constraints on certain sites in the administration’s areas of jurisdiction. Our VPN however allows you to sidestep internet filters and contact all sites that you may query.
  • Save data usage and money on 3G and 4g networks. Data charges constantly rise when roaming. You no longer have to worry about this irritating increase in cost when using our VPN. Our VPN’s compression technology allows you to fetch twice the content for the same bandwidth. This is especially helpful when downloading lots of video or traveling to countries with relatively high data charges such as Switzerland. Our platform also comes with a feature that allows monitoring data savings in your browsing sessions.
  • Total Wi-Fi protection on android; open Wi-Fi hotspots aren’t safe and any information sent from those hotspots is public, meaning it is available for anyone to access and (miss) use. Increasingly, password protected Wi-Fi are being accessed by hackers. Our free VPN comes in handy especially if you travel much and use public hotspots at airports, hotels and institutions. Our VPN encrypts information exchanged over the internet, preventing hackers from getting your passwords without your consent, wherever you are on the world.


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  • Maintain complete anonymity; browse with total anonymity using our VPN to effectively maintain privacy of your browsing sessions. Our application gives your browsing session’s complete anonymity by hiding your IP address. This gives you security and protection from hackers as well as internet service providers who log into your web sessions. We do not log your web sessions and are completely obliged to your privacy and safety whenever you’re online.
  • Accelerate your web browsing; our VPN application accelerates your internet connection by compression and crowd sourcing of internet access, such that the more people on board on our service, the more efficient it is.
  • Scripting; ability to change the VPN to re-route requests to certain defined URLs. This means an inaccessible website can be made available to your android browser.


Do not risk your confidential information anymore, go ahead and acquire our free VPN for android to take back your privacy and security.


Hope enjoy yourself.

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