Earn Bitcoins Online – Easy Way to Get Bitcoins Online

This is how to make the world’s largest virtual currency – bitcoins, just with your browser. Bitcoin isn’t a get rich scheme; you won’t become a millionaire suddenly. Neither is it a government sponsored scheme. However, Bitcoin has a lot to offer ordinary people who even possess no expertise.


Easy way to earn Bitcoins online free:

Think of a bitcoin – the currency unit, with a lower case ‘’b’’ – as a number that belongs to you. You can acquire it by means more or less like the usual physical currency; working for them, selling goods and / or services or buying them. There are even sites that offer small amounts of bitcoins for free.


Bitcoin faucets

This is not a practical means of acquiring bitcoins but it lets you learn about this new digital currency and digital wallet. A number of sites describing themselves as faucets are available. They discharge little amounts of bitcoins that add up with time. The amounts are worth much less than a cent in US dollars. It is however important to note that the value of bitcoins can increase over time and people who use bitcoin faucets does not focus on the current value.


For a list of bitcoin faucets, use the keywords bitcoin faucets to search in your browser.

Earn Bitcoins Online

Earn free bitcoin

Some sites use words such as ‘’earn free bitcoin.’’ they are similar to faucets (above), but you are often required to accomplish a task as well as a CAPCHA verification prior to payment. You should learn how to get bitcoins if you are beginner. Tasks often require to;

  1. Complete surveys,
  2. View ads and /or
  3. Sign up for special offers


The amounts gained here are higher than those of faucets but considerably low if this is your main source of bitcoins.


Sell items

There are a number of online shops that you can sell your physical items, only that you will accept payment as bitcoins. Virtual products such software’s license or games can also be sold to earn bitcoins online.

  1. Bitmit
  2. Ogrr
  3. CoinDL


Work for bitcoins

Perform jobs that compensate with bitcoins. Here are few places:

  1. Work for Bitcoin
  2. Bitgigs.com
  3. Bitcoinget


Play video games

Some video games earn you bitcoins when you play them. You may as well cash in on the virtual goods in several games for bitcoins. Here are few video games list that you can play:

  1. Runescape
  2. World of Warcraft
  3. Minecraft
  4. Dragon’s Tale
  5. Second Life
  6. Diablo III


Bitcoin transactions

You can raise the value of bitcoins in your wallet by transfer of value between bitcoin wallets that is recorded in the block chain. Wallets keep a private key – a secret data file that proves your right to spend bitcoins from a specific wallet – and signs the transaction to prevent it from being altered once it is issued.


What to do with your bitcoin

Basically, you own it. Your ownership cannot be confirmed by a physical note or coin. However, Bitcoin system keeps a complete record of all transactions, enough proof that you own a particular bitcoin.


As with your physical currency, you can do the following to your bitcoin;

  1. Keep it,
  2. Or you can give it to someone else either as a gift or in exchange for services and / or goods.

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