Download Windows 10 ISO Full: Microsoft Insider program

Download Windows 10 full with an technical preview (via Microsoft insider program) from my hard drive, I compress this full software through WinRAR. Windows 10 includes many enhancements for desktop users: the return from the Start Menu, probably the most missed features in Windows 8, and Task View.


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Features of New Windows:

  • An enhanced universal search (local, cloud and web) that lives in the Start menu.
  • Modern UI applications created for touch now work windowed within the desktop, and will also be suitable for a keyboard and mouse.
  • There is a new multi-tasking button within the taskbar known as “Task view” that provides a general look at all running programs and virtual desktop computers, much like Expose in OS X.
  • “Continuum” which describes Windows’ capability to adapt, showing or hiding features depending if you’re on the touch device or while using the mouse.
  • Windows’ snap abilities happen to be enhanced, and you choose as many as four programs and arrange these questions 2×2 power grid.


In Technical Preview, you’ll find plenty of updates to features that the customers will love. You’ll find simpler methods for getting and employ applications, find and manage files, and personalize and alter configurations. Customers can pick either the beginning menu or even the Start screen. For organizations running Windows 7, the beginning menu is going to be familiar and welcoming. You do not need to bother about retraining your employees to understand new methods for dealing with Windows.

Download Windows 10 ISO Full Microsoft Insider program

One incorporated Windows platform

Windows 10 also provides one universal application platform, one security model, and something deployment and management approach. Using the convergence in our platforms, that unified experience scales across products. In the small, thin and lightweight – to the biggest and many effective laptops, desktop computers and all sorts of-in-one Computers. Windows 10 even scales to industry and ruggedized products, purpose-built industrial solutions, small foot print products (Internet about products) and complete as much as 85” touchscreen conference room shows.


Designed in a way you reside and work

There’s without any learning curve needed with windows 10. For keyboard and mouse customers, the windows 10 consumer experience starts in the familiar desktop. The Beginning menu experience with windows 7 continues to be broadened, supplying one-click accessibility functions and files that individuals on a regular. Windows 10 improves existing productivity features like Snap. We bridged the space between your touch-enhanced tablet experience and also the keyboard and mouse experience by permitting modern applications to operate in a window around the desktop – leading to modern applications effortlessly co-existing within the desktop space alongside desktop applications.


Helping safeguard against modern security risks

Windows 10 also introduces numerous developments in security and identity protection features that are simple to manage out on another compromise the consumer experience. One particular advancement may be the work we’ve completed to create user details for being able to access products, applications and websites that improve potency to deal with the breach, thievery or phishing. This method is essential since it takes the idea of multi-factor solutions, for example smartcards or token-based system and develops it directly into the operating-system, consequently also getting rid of the requirement for extra security hardware peripheral devices.

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