Download Spotydl 0.9.36 (New Version)

Download your Spotify playlist into mp3 easily.


The program also works together with other web services so that you can essentially record or download whatever you are hearing on the internet.


Features of Spotydl 0.9.36:


  • Download instantly from multiple sites
  • Record tunes from Spotify
  • Synchronize a folder having a playlist
  • Youtube player


Download Option:


Download Link (For Windows)


Download Link (Mac OS X)


Download Link (Linux)


Download / Record


You may either download your tunes from various mp3 sources or record it from Spotify. Just drag & drop your own music in Spotydl. Then choose your mode, click the button and revel in.


Download mode:


Spotydl will try to look for your song on multiple mp3 websites, in line with the title and artist. Several inspections are created to limit the quantity of wrong results, like evaluating the duration using the Spotify original track. Please bear in mind it works far better with well-known tunes.


When the song isn’t correct, you are able to right click and select “Download another version”. Alternatively, you should use the recorder. The download system ought to be enhanced within the approaching versions.


Record mode:


Spotydl can record the tunes from Spotify. Please be aware that every sounds is going to be recorded, even some email notices! You are able to switch off your loudspeakers, it should not change up the end result. The record system ought to be enhanced within the approaching versions, to ensure that it may capture just the audio from Spotify.




Once in your hard-drive, play your tunes using the built-in player. You may also display details about the playing track with hotkeys.




Wanna discover the shocking truth clip from the tunes rather than playing the mp3 ? Not a problem. Hit the Youtube button and let’s begin.


For Linux:


Min. requirements:


  • Ubuntu 12.04  (64bits)


Below Ubuntu 13.10, you have to add this PPA for your system:


  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-sdk-team/ppa
  • sudo apt-get update

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