Download Free UC Browser for Android New Version

UC Browser is a leading mobile web browser using more than 400 million users across greater than 150 nations and regions. This version is perfect for mobile products (phones and tablets) with Android.


Technically More Highly Developed


Proprietary U3 kernel is enhanced for mobile browsing. Fast, more stable, more battery saving and much more effective.




La battery energy saved on 300 million mobile phones when utilizing UC Browser equal acres of forests that will well be burnt for energy generation.

download uc browser for android new version

More Efficient


Stores latest looked at pages. Instantly switch between lately visited pages with no need to reload.




Smart network adaptation technology. Effective download management function. Capability to preview documents in multiple formats (paperwork, xls, ppt, pdf, zip, rar). Stop and resume compatibility.


Download UC Browser for Android Notes:


  1. First download (UC Browser) is perfect for Android products generally and has the U3 kernel.
  2. Second download (Tablets HD) is made for Android Tablets for example Nexus, Universe Tab, Transformer Pad, Amazon kindle fire and much more with Android 2.3 and above.
  3. Third download (Small UC Browser) is perfect for Android 1.5 and above.
  4. Forth download (Small UC Browser) is equivalent to the 3rd however for products with more compact screens – 320×240 pixels or below.


UC Browser download option:


UC Browser


UC Browser HD


UC Browser Mini


UC Browser x86


Speed Mode


For faster browsing with less data usage, there’s Speed Mode. Speed Mode compresses web pages, making their size much more compact, helping you save large promptly and knowledge usage.


QR Code Checking


For an additional way to enter Web addresses there’s the QR Code Scanner. Making use of your phone’s camera, the QR Code Scanner can see a QR code and instantly get you to the URL.


Volume Buttons to Scroll Pages


For any convenient new method to scroll a webpage there’s the opportunity to make use of your phone’s volume buttons to navigate up and lower web pages.


Pin Bookmarks by Screen


For use of your preferred websites fast, there’s the opportunity to create cutting corners around the desktop, to get for your favorite quite happy with only one click.


Additionally, we’ve fixed the home page display problem for big screen phones.


What’s New?

  • UC Browser HD up-to-date to version
  • UC Browser Small up-to-date to version

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