Download Evernote 5.7.0 for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, WP, BB

Evernote is a free note-taking application for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry with mix platform support.


Evernote causes it to be memorable things large and small out of your everyday existence making use of your computer, phone, tablet and also the web.


Keep all things in sync


With Evernote, all your notes, web clips, files and pictures are created on every tool and computer you utilize.


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Save everything awesome and exciting the thing is on the internet and within the real life. Snap a photograph, record some audio and reserve it.


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Save entire web pages for your Ever note account with these great web clipper browser extensions. You receive the entire page: text, images and links.


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Collect information everywhere right into a single place. From text notes to web pages to files to pictures, things are always at the tips of the fingers.


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Share the important points and collaborate on projects with buddies, co-workers and class mates.


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Keep all your itineraries, confirmations, scanned travel documents, maps, and plans in Evernote, so you’ll ask them to when you really need them.


Listed here are a couple of in our favorite interface enhancements:


  • Space-saving layout: The plugin and menu bar are incorporated to consider less screen space. You could change to that old school layout within the Option menu.
  • More responsive interface: Switching between notes, exhibiting searches, getting Evernote in to the foreground and almost all other interactions tend to be faster.
  • Simpler new note creation: We’ve added a brand new Note split button, which allows you choose the kind of note you want to produce (text, ink or webcam). It’ll remember your choice for the next time.
  • Moved Search Bar: Note search and also the search description now reside directly within the note list-a far more intuitive location. You are able to click on the small arrow to open and shut looking description. Closing the outline provides you with extra space to see the important points list, opening it causes it to be simple to modify your research.
  • Clearer note info: The note information panel is much more crisp and obvious using the title, notebook and source links up top. Similar to the search panel, you are able to open the note information panel to gain access to the particulars. Moving with the note info panel and marking notes making use of your keyboard is fast and efficient.
  • Different options to have interaction: Evernote 4 supports multitouch gestures and lots of keyboard cutting corners.


And far much more


A lot of Evernote 4 is centered on developing a great consumer experience along with a effective platform for huge additional features within the coming several weeks. Obviously, we couldn’t launch something this large without adding a couple of gems:


Enhanced clipping


Clips are typically the most popular note-key in Evernote. So, for Evernote 4, we made the decision to provide clipping a large upgrade. When clipping from online Explorer, Outlook and Opera, you’ll now visit a New Clip popup that allows you set tags and assign notebook computers without departing your present application. You are able to skip the dialog by holding lower the Change key.


Microsoft Outlook customers will like the support for clipping messages, accessories as well as multiple emails. Clipping from online Explorer and Opera now preserves more styles, works more reliability as well as uses the brand new Clip window.


Better editing


We spent the final 9 several weeks enhancing note editing, which baby has some good new additions. We have:


  1. Enhanced support for tables (including adding posts and rows).
  2. Better support for bulleted and designated lists.
  3. Better copy-paste support back and forth from Ie, Office along with other programs.
  4. The note editor plugin gives use of more colors and merely looks sharp.


Wiser game titles


Evernote has become wiser about how exactly it handles note game titles. The application can make a guess in line with the kind of information you’ve inside your note. For instance, it might make use of the first type of an email or even the title of the web clip. You could use and edit the game titles to become anything you like.


Flexible printing


When you are printing a number of notes you are able to click “Options” and appearance off which areas of the note information you need to use in the printout.



Download Evernote 5.7.0


Download Link (for Windows)


Download Link (for Mac)


Download Link (for Android)


Download Link (for iOS)


Download Link (for Windows Phone)


Download Link (for BlackBerry)


Windows 7: Jump Lists


Additionally to implementing a Windows 7 feel and look, we’ve incorporated new Windows 7 features including Jump Lists where you can pin Evernote to your task bar and rapidly access Evernote, sync, find or add notes even if Evernote isn’t running.


Windows 7: Auto-location


Evernote 5 also helps make the majority of the new geo-location abilities of Home windows 7. You’ll now have the ability to easily set the place of the notes. Tap on “Click to create location…” within the note info panel as well as your computer will determine where it’s and hang the position of the note. Hiding what it’s not necessary


To help make the most effective utilization of your screen, certain elements are hidden before you need them:


  • Note info: Click on the chevron near your note title to show note info.
  • Search description: Click on the chevron close to the search bar to see and edit your research description.
  • Zoom level: To regulate how big pictures in Thumbnail view, take the mouse near the foot of the Note List. This shows the zoom control.
  • Sync status: Whenever Evernote 4 synchronizes changes, a sync dialog seems across the lower right fringe of your window.


Getting Evernote 5


Please be aware, setting up Evernote 4 will replace your overall Evernote 3.5 installation.


We’ll publish a car-update within the coming days for current Evernote 3.5 customers who not by hand download Evernote 4.


Opera customers: Look for updates to obtain the latest Evernote 4-compatible form of the Evernote Opera Extension.


What’s New:


1. Mac version up-to-date to five.6.1

2. Android version 5.7

  • enhances on-boarding
  • bug fixes and enhancements


1.  iOS version 7.3.

  • Remodeled desktop with new personalization options
  • Select from three color styles: Light, Dark, and Classic
  • All customers are now able to add, remove, and arrange sections


1. Windows Phone version 4.2.1108

2. BlackBerry version

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