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Bijoy Bangla Software is one of the popular software to write Bangla, which cannot be possible to write Bangla. We are already know about Sir. Mustafa Jabbar? Yes, he was first made this software with bangla font (SutonnyMJ, ArhialkhanMJ, PinkiyMJ end etc). We are thankful to Sir. Mustafa Jabbar that we can write Bangla everywhere by this software. We are already know that how to write bangla in mobile and also computer. But, maximum peoples don’t know about the genesis of Bengali language. If you are be a Bengali you must know about the history of Bengali language movement. Let’s check how to found the acknowledgement of bangla language.


Having based on the bi-nationalism theory, the greater India was divided on 14/15th August, 1947. Two of the state India and Pakistan were then emerged independently with Pakistan’s having two separate parts, East and West.


From the very inception, West Pakistan emerged as an oppressor to Bengali oriented province East Pakistan.


In spite of Bengali’s being the mother tongue of the people of eastern Indian Bengal land, on 21st March 1948 Kayed-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Zinnah, in a congregation at the then Race Course Moydan, declared, “Urdu, and only Urdu shall be the state language of Pakistan”.


The whole Bengal was infuriated by this declaration.


According to a survey, based on languages spoken in different regions of the then multi-lingual Pakistan, the percentage use of various languages was:


    Bengali – 54%

    Panjabi – 27%

    Urdu – 6%

    Pashtu – 6%

    Hindi – 5%

    English – 2%


The Gana-Azadi League (East Pakistan People’s Freedom League):


The Gana-Azadi League, an idealistic organization, vehemently voiced for demands of language, was formed and founded by Kamoruddin Ahmed in the month of June 1947. Later this league was strengthened by active involvement of the leftist leader Taj Uddin Ahmed, Mohammad Toaha, Oli Ahad, and more, all whose targeted motif was to protest the reactionary political activities of Khwaza Nazim Uddin, a vital enemy of Bengal but apparently behaved as a Bengali. ‘The Gana-Azadi League’ claimed, in its manifesto.


That education must be carried out through mother tongue.


Bengali is our mother tongue, claimed The Gana-Azadi League, for which all sort of steps must be taken to make this language prevailed all over the state. Bengali shall be the state language of East Pakistan.


Tamuddin Majlish:


Unitedly voiced for the demands of language, a cultural organization called the Tamuddin Majlish was formed on 1st September, 1947. It was an outcome of a united enterprise taken by a group of teachers and students from different universities. Professor Abul Kashem from the department of Physics, Dhaka University, headed this organization.


On 15th September they published a booklet entitled “Pakistan’s State Language – Bengali or Urdu?” In this booklet some issues, related to language, are proposed-


Bengali is the only language – a) that will be used as the means of education,

b) the language of the courts,

c) and the language of the offices in East Pakistan.


Language of the central government of Pakistan will be two – Bengali and Urdu


A) Only Bengali will be the primary language of East Pakistan’s education. 100% people from East Pakistan will be taught in this language.

B) Urdu will be the second or inter-provincial language in East Pakistan. Those who are involved different occupations in other parts of Pakistan will learn this language. It wills enough if 5-10% of people will learn this language.

C) English will be the third language or international language of Pakistan. Those who are interested in live abroad for livelihood or those who are involved in higher scientific studies will learn this language. The portion of this kind should never exceed one among one thousand.

bijoy bangla software

D) Just in accordance with these proposals, Urdu will be the first language in the provinces of West Pakistan. Bengali will be the second language there, and English will be the third. 07. For smooth and convenient administrative activities and science education, both Bengali and English will be practiced in East Pakistan for a certain temporary period. In the mean time, Bengali should be reformed accordingly. “For preserving the national power, that language will be practiced and used which general people of the country can speak, read and learn without any extra effort”. If this inviolable dictum cannot be the basis of above the proposals, the imposition of Bengali as a state language of the whole Pakistan will be no exception of the language imperialism that was imposed by the British to us to use English as a compulsory language, indeed. But this unscientific and illogical system is seen to some vested group of people. This is really very shameful and, at the same time, an indication of their low-minded attitudes. A strong protest against this attitude must be formed. As an introduction of this revolutionary protest, we are publishing some articles by well renowned writers of the age and at the same time we are requesting all people from East Pakistan to join our revolution.


In this way, we found bangle language as our mother language. If you don’t have installed this software on your computer you can download software from here. You can use only for windows Xp operating system, if your computer/laptop operating system is windows 7/8 or ubontu then you have to install bijoy 52 software.


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