Download Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Windows and Mac OS X

Adobe has launched this legacy form of the popular Photoshop as free software. Download Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Windows and Mac OS X then explore your creativity.


Download Link (for all windows)


Download Link (for all mac os x)


Windows Serial number: 1045-1412-5685-1654-6343-1431

Mac OS X Serial number: 1045-0410-5403-3188-5429-0639


Logo Adobe

The Power to produce the Remarkable


  1. Adobe Bridge- The following-generation File Browser for Photoshop CS2.
  2. Disappearing Point- Groundbreaking capability to clone, fresh paint and transform within the outlook during your images.
  3. Image Warp- Warp any object, with easy to customize presets and adjustable control points.
  4. Noise Reduction- Advanced correction of noise produced in high-ISO shooting, plus JPEG artifact reduction.
  5. 32-bit HDR- Create and edit 32-bit, High Dynamic Range images, for that largest range and wealthiest detail.
  6. Place Healing Brush- Fast, efficient one-click retouching of dust, scratches along with other image flaws.
  7. One-Click Red-colored Eye Correction- Instantly eradicate this common photo flaws.
  8. Optical Lens Correction- Correct common lens issues like barrel and pincushion distortion.
  9. Animation- Easily creates animated Web graphics directly in Photoshop CS2.
  10. Wise Hone- Smartly combat common photo clouding with advanced control.
  11. Shadow/Highlight- Simple discrete adjustment of shadows and highlights, now furthermore CMYK images.
  12. Enhanced 16-bit Editing- Additional filters, for example Liquify, are actually readily available for use in 16-bit images.


Creation Acceleration


  1. Wise Objects- Non-destructive editing and changes, including Photoshop CS2 integration.
  2. Multiple Layer Control with Wise Guides- Faster, more intuitive editing without needing the Layers palette.
  3. Multi-Image Camera Raw- Process multiple raw images when you still operate in Photoshop CS2.
  4. Video Preview- Send an immediate preview of video-destined images for an exterior monitor.
  5. WYSIWYG Font menus- Preview typefaces aesthetically, in the actual Font menu.
  6. Printing Improvements- New options enable more efficient, consistent print output.
  7. All-New PDF Engine- Comprehensive, easy to customize presets and PDF 1.6/Acrobat 7. Compatibility.
  8. Enhanced Memory Use- Devote greater than 2 GB of RAM to Photoshop CS2 for max performance.
  9. Effective Design Process Management- Simpler version & collaboration using the new Adobe Version Cue®.
  10. Integrated Adobe Online Services- Access and download professional Adobe Stock Photos and share and print online with Adobe Photoshop Services.


Adaptability – Making Photoshop CS2 Your Personal


  1. Menu Personalization- Workflow-based presets and custom-defined menu sets, with color-keyed instructions.
  2. Enhanced Automation- New actions and scripts assisting batch image processing and film & video production.
  3. Variables- Streamline development of repetitive graphics using imported spreadsheet data.
  4. Event-Based Scripting- Expand your efficiency with instructions triggered at specific points inside your workflow

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