Choose a Domain Name of the General Principles

Abstract: A good domain name should have six basic elements: short, easy to remember, is not easily confused with other domain names, not easy to spelling errors, and company names / trademarks or core business-related, try to avoid cultural conflict. This article from the perspective of network marketing in detail the selection of domain name registration domain general principles.


The reason why the inclusion of domain name selection and registration site construction is the same as the domain name is good or bad influence to the effect of network marketing, website promotion for a good domain name is important, therefore, from the point of view of network marketing in should be considered when selecting the domain name to a later promotion problems.

Choose a domain name


How to choose a domain name of the general principles


Domain resources are limited, and even can be said that in very short supply, a business or site’s domain name and it is not just a logo, domain name, to a large extent also important marketing resources tricky domain name registration. A good domain name should have the following six basic elements.




Commonly used .com, .net domain name as the suffix, many letters and have some less literal meaning of words or word combinations might already registered by others, but there are still some methods can be composed of relatively short domain name, you can usually use Some word acronym or abbreviation plus a meaningful simple vocabulary, such as CNN and the United States recently generated domain disputes “” This is the case, is China’s initials “CN” plus English “NEWS” composed, but still can be seen as its meaning.


In addition, sometimes the English word, although the registration is over, but it happens to be relatively short and Pinyin person not registered, this is a good choice pinyin domain name, using pure digital domain are also common, such as, .cn so on.


Domain name should be no more than the number of letters? In fact, there is no absolute standard, and now the requirement is a combination of a domain name can contain up to 67 letters and numbers (including the three-letter extension), international domain name registration authority also very long, so the character domain names how many numbers is only relative. If you can do five characters or less of course the best, but do not have to stick to this, only as a reference.


Easy to remember


To let others know and remember that, in addition to a small number of characters, but also easy to remember one very important factor. In general, the common vocabulary easy to remember, such as,,,,,, etc. However, there are other special effects or pronunciation is also easy to remember domain name, such as,, etc.


Another meaning is easy to remember is that when you recommend to others is relatively easy to explain, therefore, confusing or pronounce domain name contains a hyphen would not ideal, for example, Stone Group name is, on to others Always recommend their site to explain between “stone” and “group” have a hyphen, is not too much trouble?


Is not easily confused with other domain


Domain name may cause confusion there are several cases, one is composed of the above mentioned two parts of a domain name with a hyphen; second situation is .net domain name suffix .com or belong to different owners, such as Netease The “” and 163 electronic post office “” two domain names can easily cause confusion, many people cannot tell the relationship between the two; third case is confusing international and domestic domain name between , for example, “” is Shanghai Maling Aquarius is an online shopping site’s domain name, while “” belongs to another website.


Is not easy spelling errors


This is also very important, misspelled domain names, just like dialing a wrong phone number, and sometimes even competitors use caused incalculable damage, and even some websites dedicated to rely on someone misspelled increased number of clicks. In addition, the number of characters in multi-domain or erratic character abbreviation combination of domain name can easily lead to spelling errors.


With the company name, trademark or core business-related


We see “”, will think this is IBM’s domain, see “” or “” domain name will think are online travel or auction sites, this is a pen great wealth, no wonder some special domain can be sold for millions of dollars. Precisely because of this, after some business name or trademark as a domain name registration by others, it takes great expense to resolve.


Try to avoid cultural conflict


If you use a regular company “Hitler” ( as the domain name is clearly inappropriate. Mid-2000, the largest Chinese website Sina name “” has also been questioned, and even being asked renamed, the reason is that “SINA” the same in Japanese and “Shina” pronunciation, and “Shina” is Japanese right-wing denigration of China, therefore, Sina’s name caused some dissatisfaction with the Chinese in Japan, were fights uproar. Although Sina ultimately not therefore be renamed, but it should be a warning, the choice of domain name should try to avoid cultural conflicts that may arise.

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