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Surely you want to a better blogger, ofcourse you need to write something good for your blog. If you want to increase your blog’s beauty and SEO friendly so surely you need to do use secure and better WordPress plugins. Here I share 50 Essential WordPress plugins that a new blogger can easily choose her prospective plugins. Let’s go ->

50 Essential WordPress Plugins

Jetpack Lite


Jetpack Lite is an unofficial embranchment of the Jetpack plugin with partial functionality. It had been created to be less resource-intensive than the official Jetpack plugin that solely includes Jetpack Stats and shortlinks. Another modules usually enclosed with Jetpack are absent here, creating it a much leaner plugin if those are the solely 2 functions you want.




Social media’s WordPress plugins is one of the most plugin is AddThis.


Google Analytics for WordPress


Google Analytics for WordPress, from Yoast, makes it straightforward to integrate Google Analytics into your WordPress website. It uses the newer asynchronous tracking for faster page loads & speed, and sustain for custom variables. Custom variables embrace trailing of logged-in users, page views per author, views per category, publication year, and post manner, among others. It’ll even totally integrate with WordPress E-Commerce and Shopp for easier tracking of your sales.


Google XML Sitemaps for WordPress


Google XML Sitemaps has been approximately for a while, and it’s a good plugin for creating a sitemap to be used with GWT (Google Webmaster Tools), and to make it easier for another search engines to index your website and pages. It supports all types of WordPress generated pages and posts, custom URLs, and more. And it notifies all the search engines once you produce newest content/pages, assist your website be a lot of completely indexed. There’s a newest beta version that supports to create dynamic sitemap generation, full support for network activation, and more.


W3 Total Cache


W3 Total Cache is a complete WordPress performance framework utilized by tens of thousands of websites, together with lots of very high-traffic blogs, and suggested by variety of web hosts. It caches every side of your website which reduces transfer times. Once absolutely organized, it will improve your website’s performance over ten-fold, and can assist continue high traffic loads on your website. Website performance even has an force on Google search rankings.


Quick Cache


Quick Cache builds a cache of every pages, post, category, and link on your website, and uses advanced techniques to determine whether or not to serve the cached version of your WordPress files. The most part is that the engine that produces these choices will be utterly controlled by you, via a back-end panel. By default, Quick Cache excludes admin pages, login pages, and GET/PUT/POST requests, yet as sure other things.


All in one Favicon


All In One Favicon is a easy and best WP plugin that will allow you to simply manage your favicon on your WP website. A favicon is a little icon that displays inside your browser to spot your website, like pictures inside your tabs or bookmarks. This plugin manages these little icons to assist you implement one very easily within your website.


All in One Webmaster


The WP plugin All in One Webmaster allow you to verify your website within the prospective webmaster tools of the highest search engines like Google and Bing (MSN).


Auto Excerpt for WordPress


The 1st things, I suggested was to make sure that full text not summaries were displayed on the blog’ home page. But many, surely would rather have the summaries listed on their home pages and may perceive that. As for showing summaries typically, it actually isn’t as straightforward as simply clicking Settings>Reading and choosing “Summaries” instead of Full Text.


If you’re accustomed with coding, this may all be done on the index.php file page beneath one’s CSS Editor, except for people who don’t know or aren’t comfortable for coding, can this be done easier? I’m here to inform you that it will so be done and everyone must do is download a new plugin in their WordPress Dashboard known as Auto Excerpt Everywhere.


CommentLuv for WordPress


The CommentLuv plugin comes in two flavors: free and paid. The free version allows folks that investigate your website to possess the link to their latest blog post added to their comment automatically. Depending on however you set the plugin, once folks added ten comments, they’re going to up to ten blog posts to select from.


Facebook Comments


Want to add Facebook Comments box to your WordPress website easily? Tired of those arduous to put together, outdated choices within the WordPress plugin directory? Well, you are in luck, friendo: Fat Panda to the rescue.


Fancier Author Box


Author Box Plugins for WP are become much more well-liked everyday. If your business depends on content marketing you must install an author bio plugin to:

  • Give identity to your website
  • Make the connection and allow reader engagement
  • Highlight your content within the search engine result pages by showing the author’s face
  • Increase conversions and click-through rates

Multi-author blogs, magazine site and another WordPress primarily based business are in constant look for higher author boxes to get the best and looking pretty of their blogs aesthetically and in terms of conversions.


Google Tag Manager for WordPress


Google provide premium services to Webmasters and Bloggers for free such as Google Analytics and Google Feedburner. Recently, Google has launched other revolutionary service called to Google Tag Manager it’ll boost the page rendering time and improve Page-Speed score.


Google Translator


WordPress Translate is a plugin for WordPress that dynamically adds a Google Translate widget anywhere of your users screen. This will enable guests to translate your site content to any language. Bring your site to the world market place today!


iQ Block Country


If you want to block folks from prospective countries that haven’t any business visiting your website or blog and perhaps solely leave spam comments or another harmful actions than this is often the plugin for you. Select which countries you want to ban from visiting your website. Download link.


jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu


This plugin allows you to simply create multiple jquery vertical accordion menus using the custom menus perform, available in WP 3.0.


Ninja Forms


Ninja Forms is a free WP plugin for making contact forms, email assortment forms, surveys, and the any other reasonably type your site wants. With its really straightforward, intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, Ninja Forms is a wonderful, and powerful, tool for building forms inside your WP admin.


Optin Revolution


Optin Revolution is a WP popup plugin and is sort of presumably the best way in the world for you to make supercharged unblockable WP popups to increase your list of subscribers! Optin Revolution is a killer free WP popup plugin for folks that want to possess unlimited customization on their optin popups, with the power to be highly artistic while not having to know the how to code.


Quick Adsense


Based on the reviews and downloads, this WP AdSense plugin is friendly, straightforward to use an comes with an option to experiment with ad placements in articles. For somebody who wants solely up to ten ad codes and doesn’t savvy to position shortcodes or functions into template files, “Quick AdSense” really appears to be an simple resolution I can suggest.


SEO Friendly Images for WordPress


SEO of a WP blog is done on several phases. Starting from onsite to on page SEO. Images on your blogs also are really helpful to get increase traffic type image based search engines like Google image search. Download link.


TinyMCE Advanced


Is it very any surprise that several bloggers are tempted to try to write their articles in Word and so commit the large sin of copy pasting in from Word with their styling intact? Fortunately, we are able to simply get ourselves some further styling tools whereas gaining some options that build life easier within the long-term too! Download Link


Social Locker


Social Locker is a set of social media buttons with locker in one set. It permits you to lock any web content until a user clicks one in all the social media buttons and assist you to get increase likes/tweets/G+1s, traffic and clients.


Social Metrics


Social Metrics is a most popular Social Media Marketing tool for your WordPress blog. You’ll use it to trace your blog performance on most popular social networking websites and services. You can simply install the plugin and you’ll start marketing your blog’s through social metrics.


WordPress SEO by Yoast


I use WordPress SEO Yoast plugin. We have a tendency to believe that it’s the most complete SEO solution for your WP blog. With a lot of options this plugin provides an alternate to the users of popular All in One SEO Pack.


WordPress UberMenu v2.3.2.2 / Mega Menu


Download UberMenu v2.3.2.2 and wordpres maga menu plugin completely free. These days I’m going to share the latest version of UberMenu WP plugin. UberMenu v2.3.2.2 is the must have plugin if you want to style your WP menus like a pro. You can choose from others.


SyntaxHighlighter Evolved


SyntaxHighlighter Evolved give you to simply post syntax-highlighted code to your website while not having to escape the code or something. It uses the SyntaxHighlighter JavaScript package by Alex Gorbatchev to do the light and supports all of the package’s parameters through shortcode attributes.


Contact Form 7, Better WP Security, WordPress Backup to Dropbox, SEO Ultimate, Broken Link Checker, nrelate Related Content, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, Hello Bar, WP Google Fonts,


Benchmark Email Lite, ManageWP, WPtouch, Disable Right Click, No Right Click Images Plugin, Google Plus Badge = WP pluginG Developer Link, BuddyPress, Dynamic Featured Image, Advanced Comments Moderation, WP Sitemap Page, Categories to Tags Converter, Antispam Bee, Anthologize, WP Butler, EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud, TubePress,


If you’re a blogger or otherwise work with video on your blog, you must look into TubePress. It allows you to populate your video galleries from one in every of nineteen different sources, as well as favorites of a YouTube user, a YouTube play list, most-discussed YouTube videos, Videos “liked” by a Vimeo user, and plenty of a lot of. There are multiple ways in which to show videos, too. Thanks everybody.


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