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Search engine optimization is to make a lot of headaches BLOGGER one thing, because every time I write SEO articles always have a lot BLOGGER complained to me: Why do I always write quality content, but search engine optimization on BLOG article has not played What is the role!


I do not deny that there is content quality is better than everything, but you have to understand, in fact, millions of pages are after good article brood, they ranked in the search engine results of the final surface, that this should be Read the article has not been found. BLOGGER BLOG in the process of writing itself there is some bias, they think they will be granted BLOG ranked higher. Author based on research and practice analysis website , as well as methods for SEO research, the following experience and share.


People often ask me is: How can my BLOG ranked first (in the most popular search engines)?

So began my answer: I do not know what I’m talking about …… but


You see, although some of my blog articles on various search engines have a high ranking – often I do not know why. My approach is usually carried out on the basis of speculation in the study, and tries to improve search engine rankings. I also read a lot of other people advice on how to improve search engine rankings. But the more I read, the more I feel is not just one person in this trial and error. Almost every piece of this article is to guess to a certain extent.


My advice to those who want to BLOG search engine optimization is to: maintain BLOG simplistic to write quality content in a particular field, and then the best way around the current optimizes it.


Before you begin to explain, I want to BLOGGER say, do not be defeated search engine optimization search engine looks very complicated, it became plagued BLOGGER’s one thing, but you should understand that there are many other aspects BLOG, I’ll tell you these, there are more important than establishing good search engine optimization. Also, please be careful not to indulge in the temptation of search engine optimization, remember to keep your BLOG maintain the original character and natural impression.


SEO experts and outside the station into the station SEO experts, we will separate explanation.

Station outside the SEO (search engine technology from the site)


SEO outside the station is added to the site from search engine technology, named from an external site in the search engine rankings BLOG impact of these external factors are beyond the control BLOGGER most useful and most powerful factor is an external site backlinks. that we say that the external links.


There is no doubt linked to a site included into the search engine results pages plays an important role in simple terms, each link to you (BLOG) sites, search engines are deemed to trust your site cast a vote.


Ideally, the best back links are links from sites with high quality and ranking. They have better results than the chain link through the relevant keywords related to the topic you’re writing, however you cannot oblige others to link to your BLOG, just imagine what you do.


So, how to generate quality backlinks?

Blog Search Engine Marketing Strategy

We all know that to get high quality links is not an easy task, in most cases it is the chain of others, so how do you get such a link?


Quality content — There are various ways to generate external links to BLOG, I know the best way is to write quality content, your content so that readers desire to read you can get plea Links can also be registered automatically generate links program, or even to buy links on other stations, but the cheapest and most secure way is to naturally organized way to let others link to your quality content.


Note with your content-related BLOGGER — I do not advocate to other BLOGGER bulk mail to exchange links, but I suggest a topic if you wrote a quality article, and make others feel a sense BLOGGER interest, that give these BLOGGER EMAIL sent a short courtesy to let them know that your article will be valuable even if they are not linked, and do not feel embarrassed and you will find that if they clicked on to produce a direct link flow, resulting in improved search engine PR value.


Categories — Another method to generate backlinks is to submit to your BLOG Category I know a lot of owners are convinced of the effectiveness of this strategy, when starting a new site, they do The first step is to do work around the classified directory, select the appropriate keyword to keyword pages link to submit There are many classified directories, most of which are free, there is a BLOG Categories list contains most of the BLOG search engine, you might want to submit it.


Internal links BLOG’s — With the development and growth in the number, BLOGGER started to pay attention or build BLOG network, one of the benefits as they say, “link farms” .BLOG network that BLOG “doorway pages” of the linked to each other with each other, so that you can control the site from multiple domains, this method actually makes no sense, but you have to be careful, if all of your sites on the same server, search engines easily check these links and reduce the trust value of these links, the page level zero.


Buy link — many professional websites have the budget to buy links from other high ranking website, here I will not say more.


Will exchange links between similar content BLOGGER — mutual exchange links. Quite natural and sometimes this behavior occurs (as you can see someone link to your BLOG, then you will be back courtesy chain) but In most cases the interests of purposeful links are links between the two BLOGGER is a form I almost have received such reciprocal link request (I rarely respond to) a day, although this will have a link exchange interest, I want to warn everyone about here, as SEO experts should be very clear, there are many ways a search engine to track the exchange of such links be devalued. Some tried to bypass the direct link and triangulation of conversion, they A and B in place to make a direct exchange, and to the other stations included. e.g., A is linked to C, in order to exchange substantially to the D (D is the owner of course with the same C), a bit is to make you a headache?! There are a variety of systems claiming for you to establish a secure internal links, and I know that most people use Digital Point’s Free C0-Op Advertising System. Personally, I would try to avoid such a scenario, there are guidelines of links to the site for my readers is valuable.

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