Bijoy Bangla Software Download for Windows 7/8/Xp/Vista

Bijoy Bangla Software is most popular Bangla writing software for Windows 7/8/Xp/Vista; it’s developed by Mr. Mustafa Jabbar since 1996. easy-to-use, simple, and flexible writing software. Bijoy doesn’t ensure you will be a good typist, but Bijoy Keyboard ensures you will be a good typist (you can learn from my method – given below with image). Bijoy keyboard guarantee you’ll become a good writer, it does, however, present a series of key to assist you think about writing and storyline advance, to arrange your creative thoughts into identifiable and finger friendly formats that you can write easily. Like another Bijoy Bayanno Software typing method.

How to write Bangla by Bijoy Keyboard :

Vowel (ষড়বর্ণ):

shift+f = অ
g+f = আ
g+s = উ
g+x =ও
g+shift+x = ঔ

Consonants (ব্যাঞ্জনবর্ণ):

j = ক
shift+j = খ
o = গ
shift+o = ঘ
q = ঙ
y = চ
shift+y = ছ
u = জ
shift+u =ঝ
shift+i = ঞ
t = ট
shift+t = ঠ
e = ড
shift+e = ঢ
shift+b = ণ
k = ত
shift+k = থ
l = দ
shift+l = ধ
b = ন
r = প
shift+r = ফ
h = ব
shift+h = ভ
m = ম
w = য
v = র
shift+v = ল
shift+m = শ
shift+n = ষ
n = স
i = হ
p = ড়
shift+p = ঢ়
shift+w = য়
 = ৎ
shift+q = ং
shift+ = ঃ
shift+7 = ঁ

Here is Bangla Keyboard Layout :


Bijoy Bangla Keyboard Layout


Features of Bijoy Software :

Bijoy software should have features that flash creativity, arrange story lines and assist in developing characters, conflicts. It should enclose SutonnyMJ Bangla font and user-friendly so that even a beginning typist can feel confident to practice and write with in any windows or operating system.

The software is supposed to provide plenty of features to assist with finger-friendly writing, including Bijoy Keyboard and Bangla typing formula. It should presented keys to develop characters and Conjunct.

This Bangla writing software provides user friendly typing way that user easily catches writing ability to write Bangla by SutonnyMJ.

Ease of Use

This writing software should be easy to operate and have user-friendly features so anyone with basic computer skills can download, install and easily figure out how to use and write the functions of Bangla keyboard the software.

The software assists to arrange thoughts and prompt inspiration for anyone who writes or wants to write. It can assist would-be and expert writers, whether they write short or long stories, novels or other writing projects, such as Bangla Magazine, Bangla Newspaper, Bangla Book and etc. It’s best for fiction and nonfiction, elevated writing style, depending on the writing software you choose.

Download Link.

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