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Google has no doubt maintained its top position on webmasters best practices. The only thing that has changed is the Search engines ability to put guidelines through improving algorithms. There are some factors that you must consider for your site to maintain a top position, one, and it must offer the best user experience and to do this you need the best SEO software and free longtail keyword research tools available. Here I will provide you with some of the 20s best paid and free SEO software you could consider using to achieve that goal.




These are the SEO tools that are available e without any charges and are free to download. They are easily available and since they are too many we can easily group them according to their functions.



Keyword Research Software


For you to develop the right list of keywords to use in your site, you will need very effective and reliable software since keywords will always prove to be the staple requirement of SEO. Keyword selection has a profound effect on the overall performance of a website. Here are some of the tools you could consider using.


Wordstream – This is a free keyword tool that offers thousands of keyword ideas from its huge database of over a trillion unique searches.


Keyword Eye Basic – This is a free visual keyword suggestion tool and it works very well for brainstorming sessions.


YouTube Keyword tool – It is a free tool that unlike most assumptions, it is not only a video keyword search tool but for all kind of content.


Ubersuggest– It is a free SEO keyword search tool that suggests data from Google and other engines. It is terrific especially when developing long-tail phrases.


Content Software


These are SEO tools that check the quality of content. You can easily note cheap, spun or duplicate content with these tools and they also assist you develop your content.


Anchor Text over Optimization Tool – It is a free content tool that outputs anchor text diversity. It clearly highlights any text or phrases that are over-optimized.


Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML – This free SEO tool converts documents that are created in MS Word or any other word processing software to HTML.


Copyscape – This is a free plagiarism check tool. It notes any spun or duplicated content and highlights it for manual review. It also verifies that your content is original.


Technical Software


Despite the title, these are tools used by non-technical who are not well conversant with SEO in their operations.


Xenu’s Link Sleuth – It is free PC based spidering software and its main function is to look for broken links. It also validates text links, images, frames, maps and backgrounds.


Robots.txt Generator – It is a free SEO tool that creatures robots.txt files a breeze.


URI Valet – This free SEO software uses URI Valet Header Checker to the total number of http requests, time taken to download, details of objects, document internal links and also verifying their server headers.


Image SEO tool – This tool simply checks the image name,attributes and dimensions by simply inputting an image URL.




These are tools that require purchasing for them to give you full functionality. You may find free versions of these tools but for you to fully access their advantages and uses you have to buy them.


Majestic SEO – This is a very effective SEO toolkit whose main function is to check backlinks and explore sites. Prices are offered at Silver, Gold and Platinum levels based on your needs and the amount you can afford.


SEOmoz PRO – This is a tool worth its price by providing track rankings, analyzing social media followers, comparing and checking backlinks, testing websites for crawl errors and performing keyword analysis. This package comprises several tools including Fresh Web Explorer which is effective in crawling feeds across the web, Open Site Explorer which is a great way to find backlinks among others.


Raven Tools – This is a group of over 30 SEO tools that actively help users in SEO researches, campaign management, building links, competitor analysis, monitoring social media followers, reporting on backlinks, content management and metrics.


Advanced Web Ranking – It is one very sophisticated SEO software package. It consists of tools that help in rank tracking, building links, monitoring social media sites, keyword researches, and competitor analysis and website optimization. It is a valuable tool in seeing exactly where a website is ranked for a specific keyword in various search engines. This is done in comparison with your competitors.


SEMRush – This is a competitor research tool and it mainly focuses on each and very aspect of search engine marketing. This includes SEO and paid search advertising. It has access to massive data amounts from Bing and Google. This is advantageous in that you get to see where competitors are ranking in over 95 million keywords. This way you get to determine how successful a keyword is for a given domain. Its main advantage is that it does not just aggregate data from secondary sources but gets it directly from Google and Bing.


WordTracker – This is the most used and preferred paid keyword research tool. It draws on data from over 160 million keywords and an addition of over 95 million from partners, SEMRush. With such a huge amount of data, you can easily find appropriate short and long tailed keywords.


SEO PowerSuite – It is an all in one SEO tool package and it combines tools for rank tracking, site auditing, and link buildings among others. This suite is made up of four software tools that can be purchased separately as well. They include Rank tracker, Website auditor, SEO SpyGlass and Link Assistant. The main function of the suite is to check where your site ranks depending on the keywords it uses.


BuzzStream – It is another recommendable tool for link building, social media monitoring and CRM. With this tool, you can easily search pages for contact information, bookmark websites, collect metrics, track social media conversations and also segment contacts into lists.


Whitespark – It is a very reliable SEO package since it has tools for link prospecting, rank tracking, review handout generating, offline conversations tracking and finding local citations. The latter is the most unique since it focuses of local SEO an almost neglected area of SEO.

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