Best 3 free Antivirus for Android Phones

Just like personal computers, android devices are being targeted by cyber criminals and hackers. For this reason, android users need to understand ways of protecting their android devices from intruders. There are numerous malicious applications containing malware, spywares and viruses. This article will discuss ways in which android users can keep malware applications off their devices, and some advantages and disadvantages of running free antivirus for android phones.


It is advised that as an Android user, you should always read and understand any application permission before downloading the same. Do not download apps from untrusted and unauthorized online app stores. Also pay attention to any app you install in your device since phishers and hackers use such apps to install malwares to your device. Not every app in the web is legitimate, some are nothing but scams and you may end up rendering your device useless by downloading such illegitimate apps.

Antivirus for Android Phones

Features to look for in free antivirus for android phones


There are a number of things to look for when you’re looking for a free antivirus for android besides its capability of determining and cleaning viruses or other spywares. These are:


  1. he antivirus in question should have a constantly updated database of known computer viruses and should be capable to scan the system files for infection.
  2. Real time scanning and mobile application inspection for viruses are some of the features to consider.
  3. Anti theft protection program is also a desirable feature. The program should help the device owner find his/her device in the event of theft.
  4. One thing that needs most attention is protecting pertinent information in your device. There are hundreds of applications in the antivirus for android phones market to keep your device virus-free.


Below are some of the 3 most important anti viruses:


1) Free AVG Antivirus – this is one of the best antivirus available for Android system. It has a comprehensive diagnostic feature of all emails, SMS, storage devices as well as applications, which are an intrinsic part of the Android phone. It also features malware scan programs alongside theft protection features which helps safeguard pertinent information and data, in the event an android device is stolen. The antitheft app helps locate lost devices using GPS while protecting your device from SMS spammers. This free AVG Antivirus for Android is extremely dependable.


2) Elite Aegis lab Antivirus– formerly known as AppScan Beta, Elite Aegislab Antivirus is a mobile security tool which offers manual and real time scanning for malwares and viruses. It also comes with a remote data wiping and locking feature when a device is stolen.


3) Dr. Web antivirus– Dr. Web Antivirus manufacturers have come up with android version of their antivirus. The app works by protecting android phones from malware and viruses. It features a user-friendly interface, protection from unwanted SMS or calls, minimum system load, resident protection and a flexible configuration. It can be easily found for free in the internet.


In a nutshell, android users must know that most of these antivirus applications are freely available in the web. They should make use of such apps to protect their data and information since it is a critical issue in our today’s world. These apps have made immense contributions in safeguarding and bettering lives for Android users.

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