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Google play apps is one of the great Bangla writing software/apps that’s packed to write everywhere and also for android mobile, It’s like Bijoy Bangla and Bijoy 52 software. And the most popular for Bangladeshi’s peoples. Some days ago I wrote about genesis of Bangla language in Bijoy Bangla software article, again I tel every Bangladeshi’s peoples – If you are be a Bengali you must know about the history of bangla language movement in 1952.


It is very rare to find a nation, in the history of the world, who preserved the dignity of their language by the cost of blood and bloodshed. In 1948, a group of Bengali patriotic students initiated the great Language Movement for preserving their mother tongue Bengali. A bloody but proud history was then imprinted in 1952. The student’s movement of 1952 awakened the Bengali’s consciousness for freedom.


21st February, so, remembered every year by offering flower bouquet to the ‘Shahid Minar’ and by arranging some seminars or symposiums by the country’s governmental or non-governmental organizations as well as various intuitions of the country around. But nowhere it is seen anybody’s effort to contain and propagate the main spirit of the language martyrs. All we know that all newspapers publish news about the celebration of the 21st February International Mother Language Day. But the demands for reprinting some fundamental books in Bengali written in different languages have yet been neglected even after 57 years of the Language Movement. Starting from ‘69’s Mass Revolt and 11-Points’and “71’s Freedom Fight”, in “82-90’s Revolution against Despotism”, students’ bloodshed and “90’s Mass Revolt”, all leftist parties urged and appealed some common and essential demands for the general people which are not spoken by any other political or social institution. The basic and fundamental demand raised by these leftist parties is that the main mode and medium of education must be Bengali and all fundamental books written in different languages must be reprinted and published into Bengali without any least delay. On behalf of the general mob, it is our open appeal to the 14-party alliance led government to take these above mentioned issues with prior seriousness for immediate necessary actions.


57 years have already passed when the Movement initiated for making Bengali as the state language. It is quite natural, then, that the national mourning day will be celebrated in remembrance of those martyrs who sacrificed their young blood for the sake mother tongue. The Language Movement of 1952 was not confined only into the language issues. Rather it directed the nation to unite them together and to make a general awareness among the people to establish their own rights. Following the 1947 Separation of India, people of East Pakistan gradually tended to an ultimate resolution which led them to win the greatest War of Independence.


The dignity of this historical day has been enhanced to a further degree in 1999 by UNESCO’s declaration of 21st February as the International Mother Language Day. 21st of Bengali and Bangladesh is now a day to celebrate as Mother Language Day by near about 6 thousand language speaking people all over the world. 21st is now a symbol of dignity of language to world people. 21st has dignified our national revolutionary spirit in the world. But the government can never take any successful step to institutionalize the spirit of 21st in the stream of general consciousness. The main weapon of doing this is obviously to reform the system of education scientifically and pragmatically. Hasn’t the government failed to adopt it? This is now a burning question among the people to find immediate solutions for preserving the main spirit of the greatest martyrs and to attain social, economical and political freedom.


After a 38 year reign of the rich and bourgousis class, it is now a severe problem to find the values of 21st February in the national life even in the regime of the 14 party alliance led government. After the Independence, of the rich and bourgousis government did never employed any effort to dignify the national consciousness of the 21st in general. So, it is funny to discuss the aspects of its failure. Enormous examples have been set where the consciousness of the 21st has been doomed by its anti-spirit in the name of continuation of the government. The shame of this national issue has been seen more nakedly even in the event of awarding the ‘Ekushe Padok”. It is obviously a noble endeavor to offer award in the name of the 21st to retain the dignity of this day. But at the same time it is equally important to measure that to whom this award is being offered. Are they, those who are being awarded, containing in themselves the spirit of the 21st in real sense?


There are many people yet, directly involved to and spirited by this Language Movement, who have not been awarded this “Ekushe Padok”. But someone are awarded, shamefully, those who were never involved in the Movement nor contributed to the later development of the language and culture. Surpassing the spirit of the 21st, those who can please the bourguosis government are being nominated for this noble award. Isn’t it disclosing the narrow minded nature and nepotism of the government?


The previous history of this award invokes this question to any conscious human being. There is no doubt that lot of noble self are still there in the country who preserve the spirit of the 21st and still who are working for its development. But government fails to honor them properly. Like any other sector of the society, nepotism is being more clearly visible to all even in this national event of awarding people in the name the great 21st, indeed.


How to write Bangla on your mobile and how to ready for write Bangla on your device


You can install easily bijoy bangla software on your computer or laptop, but this writing software totally different for installation and enabling process. So here I write this way to write Bangla on every mobile device or tab for my pretty prospective visitors. Let’s check the method of how to write Bangla on your device:


  1. A) You have to do enable java on your mobile phone or android phone and you can tab.


  1. B) Next you have to do install “opera mini” browser.


  1. C) you have to do open opera mini browser and write “opera:config” in address bar then click “Go” button to get power-user settings like given below image.

opera power user settings


You will see in bottom option of “Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts”, it’s default system “No”, you have to do enable it “Yes” at the right side this option. And press “Save” button in bottom.


When you complete this all step you will read Bangla language on your mobile and you can write easily Bangla language after change this “Power-user settings” if you have already installed Bangla writing software.


If you are beginners of your mobile phone and you cannot write bangla so let’s check the popular Bangla writing software for mobile under given below list and Google play apps links.


Download Bangla writing software for Mobile, Android, iPhone and every smartphones:


1 # Mayabi Bangla Keyboard


Installation Link


2# Bangla Ridmik Keyboard


Installation Link


3# Essential Multiling Keyboard


Installation Link


In this article mentioned this software/apps to you will improve your ability to write bangla in your smartphone like Bijoy Bangla software, glad to enjoy all Google play apps.

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