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Hi, My name is J.U Chowdhury. When I was a child , I would played  video  games 2d/ 3d  and  read  a lots  of Nobel and story.  Even  I could drew picture by  myself , for  this  reason I was  not  that  much attentive  in  school, I would miss  many class and got  punishment from  school  teacher. Being  interested  sometime I used to  topple over  the wall  of  the school for  playing  or doing other  things. Besides , I had  much interest  on internet  and  science, as a result I learn computer within  a  short time but I did it standing behind  my  brother. When my brother used to play game on computer, I would enjoy it sitting beside him. But  it  is  true  that I never  failed  in  school , always all the good student would mingle  with me , my  role number  never  get down  up to  6. Since it was 1997.

Blogging-zone.com is founded on February, 2016. My main aim is technology news, different apps, software or brand, search engine optimization factors, internet marketing, social media marketing strategy, small business tips, blogging tips and different ways to making money online.

Many of us open business website for the purpose of business but I opened this blog only for myself which I like and I can, which I’m expert 100%. And I  opened this  website  for  having  my  own  good  profile where  my  client for  get  to  know my skill , known  to me. Beside  any company  wants  to  give  their  work  to  see  a good  profile. I   made this website from blogging when I get good earning from online. When I understand, the number of my client is increasing at that time I feel the necessity of this business website. There are many competitors in the world, should not I utilize my skill? Yes,  when I  understand that I come to know Google very closely , the works what  Google responses  easily, from that  time the thought of  development of this business  website and keeping on journey till now. Every online business man are introduced with my working success and my website. For this reason people want to give opinion on my work and success but they can’t. So I made some social profile to communicate keeping touch with them. Blogging-zone.com is a planned associate that only cares about serving business owners grow. Since it was May in 2016 created.

Blogging-zone.com is one of the best International Blogging Platform. My corporate office in Chittagong, We are leaders and pioneers in developing innovative and cutting edge strategies that combine Social Media, SEO, PPC, and all other forms of marketing and advertising. Whether it be SEO, Link Building, Social Media Marketing, Full Internet Marketing, or any other forms of sales & marketing related to branding and lead generation, Blogging-zone.com is at the forefront of cutting, and inventive strategies.
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