5 Tips to Google Adwords Budget For Small Business

Are you a small business owner who is interested in expanding your business? If you are, you are at the right place. In this article, I have highlighted some tips to Google adwords budget for small business that you may consider using in order to expand your business and reach out to more potential customers.


Below are some of the tips:


Google Search

If your business has s small advertising budget, you should only consider advertising on Google search. Even though Google search partner and the Google display system can generate some kind of leads to your business, they are less effective and less competent than Google search. I would definitely recommend that all small business trying to grow to consider advertising using Google Search rather than the above mentioned search options.


Keyword selection

This is the most important tips to Google Adwords budget for small business in many cases; the most keywords to select are the branded keywords. They may include your company’s name, your brands and the services you provide. The advantage of using branded keywords is that they are low cost per click. They also drive the highest conversation rates. You can also try to use the long tail keywords to advertise your business. The long tailed keywords are better than the generic termed keywords as they attract more traffic to your business website.



For users who are looking for specific locations, Google also allows advertisers to show the PPC ads. The advertiser can target a specific location where he wants his ads to be viewed. One can target the zip code of an area or even the radius around his business premise.

Google Adwords Budget For Small Business

Geo-targeting can also be used to target outside potential customers. This can be done by increasing the radius of your targeted area. You can also send coupons to users as an incentive to purchase your products.


Day parting

This equates to showing your ads during specific times of the day. You can turn off the ads when you are not working and turn them on during working hours. In addition, there are more advanced uses of day parting. Day parting also allows you to turn on the ads during peak hours when the conversation rates are very high and turn the on after the rates go down. During off peak hours, you may opt to offer coupons to customers while trying to drum up the business.


Device targeting

Google allows the user to target different electronic gadgets separately during marketing campaigns. It is recommended that you split up mobile devices from desktops and laptop advertising campaigns. This is because mobile phones have a smaller screen than the laptops and desktops. In many cases, people dealing with brick and mortar businesses are more likely to go for the mobile device targeting than those dealing with real estate business. This is because such businesses are instant and do not need more detailed research. I hope these tips to will help you attract more customers and enable your business to expand and reach its full potential.

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