12 Steps to Create a Successful Business SEO Blog

Enterprise launched an SEO blog is very low cost, easy to say and even many companies, “We want to start a blog.” However, if the lack of time to consider the idea, you end up with just a blog cemetery. Any other business without any help, blog requires planning.


One, make sure you can afford often write blog articles


We strongly advise our customers that they plan to write the number of monthly blog posts. Many companies – especially SMEs – no resources, even if they want to write every day. Our rule of thumb is a conservative start. You can always add an extra post.


2) The establishment of an information architecture / content layout


Information architecture is a simple layout information structure of your blog. How will you provide this information to your readers? You have any kind of drop-down menus, if any? You what kind?

Create a Successful Business SEO Blog


Tip: When you seem to have too many categories to ensuring a more general, some of the categories cannot be combined. For more information and help on creating your blog information architecture, as follows: Information Architecture: The content layout is everything.


3) Choose a design, support your business niche


For example, if you have a portfolio and the company you want to use your blog as a way to demonstrate this combination, some designs will support this better than others. The same as the display specific product and photos.


Tip: Free WordPress Themes spend time looking for a designer before contacting (a staunch supporter of our WordPress blog or website platform). The slowest part of the beginning of the blog is the design stage, if you do something tangible things that can be modified to meet your needs and brand designers, it would go faster, smoother lot.


Step 4) select a suitable domain name


Your domain name is your URL, such as http://example.com.


Tip: You can easily remember. You have to believe that people will remember it enough to type it.


Step 5) Selects your hosting provider


Host is the foundation of the Internet service provider; select the appropriate space for placement sites.


Tip: do your research there are some reputable hosting provider. If possible, referrals you trust. If you cannot, research, research, research!


Step 6) To your Web developers can access your server upload your new blog platform and design


This is a difficult process, but if your hosting provider does not have a key to the installation process, you need to know what you’re doing.


Tip: Many hosting service providers allow you to set a login webmaster, if you do not want your Web developer, your account information, you can:


  1. a) The establishment of an account, they visit your site or


  1. b) Be hosting ISP customer service and ask them to do for you


Step 7) Provided through the finished blog


Before you go live, you have to make sure everything looks good – no errors, no problem.




All the links work.


All images are visible.


This blog looks the same across multiple browsers. Tip: You can use the browser to test.


Link your social network immediately visible.


Step 8) Make sure you know how to use the platform


Tip: Your Web developers should be able to give you a brief user manual on how to use the platform.


Step 9) to write your first blog


Tip: introducing yourself to your call audience. What’s blog is? You want to share what kind of things? Sure they know your blog is a work in progress, every blog yes.


Step 10) Post your first blog


And WordPress, this is a simple copy / paste from a Word document WordPress editor, contributing to the publication. If you follow these steps, so you already know how to use your system.


Step 11) So that the public sees your blog


This whole time, your blog should be ignored by search engines. Now is the time to change.


Step 12) Will link to your site to your blog, and vice versa


Do not skip this step! If you go to your company’s Web site to get traffic, you want to use your blog to bring traffic to keep back. When you start to get the flow of blog you want, but also to look at the traffic on your site, you can find your products / services.


Finally, a few tips


Remember, a blog – even in the company blog – is not a sales platform. Of course, you can use it to showcase your products and services. Keep your tone. You are not selling your services; you are introduced to the people of your company, your brand, behind the brand.

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